Tuesday, June 18, 2013

9 years.

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nine years ago today is a day i will never forget.

twenty years young.
fresh into the college years.
one of the most hard working.
making us laugh so hard we would cry.
a joyful smile everyone adored.
lover of water.
brave and a total dare-devil.
a friend to everyone.

nine years ago on this day we received a phone call.
a call no one ever wants to receive.
a phone call that would change forever.
the death of a family member.
here on earth a death is difficult to comprehend.
hard to explain when so unexpected.
but we can have hope.
and our only hope is in christ alone.
it wasn't god's original plan to have him die at such a young age.
it wasn't in god's will for the accident to happen.
sin entering into the world is when things changed.
but it doesn't end there - because of that hope.. our savior is a redeemer.
and what we do know is that he uses the good and the bad to bring glory to his name.
he doesn't stop there either.. he loves and cares so much for us that he even uses those times and redeems them for our own good too.

'and we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose'
 romans eight twenty-eight
this isn't referring to earthly comfort - but instead conformity to christ, closer fellowship with god, bearing good fruit for the kingdom and final glorification. -- so much more than earthly matters.
and it shows itself in the verses followed.
and we can stand firm on this truth.

this past sunday we were out of town and visited harvest bible chapel.
and the teaching was on resurrection. and pastor james said something that resonated with me.
'everything jesus does is so that we may believe, and believe in him.' - james macdonald
and we can rejoice knowing that matt is in the presence of jesus and in his final glorification.
and because of jesus' resurrection we are able to see him again.
photos and poem by courtney king

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