Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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i took my first personality test recently.. i tried out the myer-briggs test.
my results are ENFJ
meaning.. extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judging
i had no clue on what that meant.. so i started researching and it was very interesting to read about and so true to who i am!
i even found other famous ENFJ's and david - yes king david of israel was an ENFJ!
one website described it as having phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship. guess maybe that's why i'm in sales...
ENFJ's are global learners - looking at the big picture. i often times try to do this.. especially when it comes to having an eternal perspective and seeing the bigger picture of god's plan in the midst of the present circumstances.
another site gave some more traits..
- genuinely and warmly interested in people
- value people's feelings, structure, organization and harmony
- creative and imaginative
- need approval from others to feel good about themselvse
- good people skills
some career paths for an ENFJ..
..consultant coordinator worker/counselor
..sales rep
which a lot of these i have either highly considered or have done!
it was so great to see through this test so much of what is on my heart. i have a desire for being relational with people. i've shared my passion on that before here, my struggle about it here.
have you ever taken a personality test?
what are your results?


  1. girl, you are speaking my language. i actually took a whole class on spirituality & personality in seminary. i'm an ISFP. you should look into the enneagram! it's my favorite personality "test".

  2. I had never taken one before tonight, but have always been intrigued. I am an INFP...and the description was spot on! What great insight!


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