about me.

my name is jennifer, the heart behind [RE]imagined. i am a christ follower and passionate about life.
the purpose of this blog is to worship jesus while documenting our dreams, aspirations and journey through the life the lord has blessed us with.

a little bit about me..
i have a passion for christ. relationships are my hobby. i'm a coffee addict. happily married to my best friend. i love to be creative in every aspect of life. enjoy getting inspired.

the name.. [RE]imagined.
'so god created man in his own image, in the image of god he created him; male and female he created them.' genesis 1:27
we are created in the likeness of our creator.
here is where i desire to speak that truth to each of you.
in the same sense [RE]imagined is a creative outlet for me make all things 'new'.
to imagine them into a new, fresh image.


  1. yeah! just found your sweet blog:) can't wait to start following girl! love Katie

  2. What a beautiful reason behind your blog...good luck in your ministry!

  3. Love this!! New follower here, and cannot wait to check out more of your blog!!




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