Wednesday, June 12, 2013

dutch empire.

hey sweet friends!
i am excited to travel with y'all today! if you're not sure what i'm referring to.. the influence network is hosting a link up. if you're unfamiliar with the influence network.. you can read more about that here and then you should join because i can't speak highly enough about it!

the link up is a chance where we are able to share about where we're from and where we're currently living. so that means i am going to show you all the reasons you should come visit me - and then i can go read all the reasons why i need to come visit you!
i was 'born and raised' in the wonderful city of holland, the dutch empire as we know it.
no.. not in the netherlands though - although i did try to convince someone of that once. they believed me for a while until my accent started to sound a little more australian.
i'm talking about holland, michigan.
but instead of describing my town.. i decided to take lots of wonderful photos of some of my favorite spots and sweet memories made.

entering into downtown, the arriving spot for those coming by train. welkom.
the famous 'peanut store' where there is more candy than y'all will know what to do with. you can't visit without leaving with some sweet treats! - if there is any left when you leave.. and a hint.. their caramel is to die for!
found.. one of my favorite vintage stores. ohhh i could spent hours in there! definitely one of the spots i would take you to. along with spring sweet and the cottage corner.
we are surrounded by water and lots of outdoor activities. one of my favorite things i picked up last summer is stand up paddle boarding. have you tried it?
these downtown streets are lined with colorful tulips during tulip time. if i mention holland to people.. the first thing they typically mention is our awesome tulip time festival. i have so many memories parading down these streets as a little girl - in my big wooden shoes and dutch dancing outfit! and outside of the festival.. these are some of my favorite places to dine.
the other thing holland is known for is our beaches. they are wonderful! most of my summers have been spent on the lake.
when y'all come to visit.. it is a must that we stop by jp's coffee while downtown. mmmmm coffee that is local and delicious - can't get much better than that!
big red. that's the lighthouse. you can't leave without a picture of big red and the sunset!
as i mentioned earlier.. the cottage corner. this place is PACKED full of furniture, antiques and other amazing home decor. you can go there to shop or envision ways to diy some of the wonderful pieces yourself.
and you have to stay for at least one sunset! they are so gorgeous going down over the lake! so many people drive there and sit and read from their cars while the sun goes down, others stand on the pier.. but my favorite spot it tucked away up in the dunes with my husband on a blanket. doesn't get much better than that!
and i would totally bring you to one of my latest favorite spots!!! the downtown farmer's market! i started going there last summer and i can't get enough of it! we are totally supportive of the live local, shop local, support local and this is just one way to go against all that crazy factory farming that's going on! but that post will come later..
i grew up in holland and lived there until i moved to college. once college was over and i got married and we moved to holland where my husband and i are currently living. it's a central city between where i work and where he attends school. we're not sure where we'll be next - so we are soaking up as much of this sweet community as possible while we're still here!

ohhh i could have shown you SO many more places i adore in this town. just showing y'all around makes me fall a little more in love with it myself.

isn't it charming?
come visit?


  1. It is charming!!! And the bit about you sounding Australian makes me giggle. I can empathize, since I'm not very good at accents myself.

    Tulips are one of my favorite flowers! That looks like a super sweet place to live. One of my favorite childhood memories is playing in the sand dunes by Michigan lake. :)

  2. Alright. That's it. I am coming to visit! And not just for this charming landscape either! ;)
    I need to have coffee and conversation with my friend!

  3. Holland looks beautiful! And I second Hannah, I want to hear your Australian accent :)

  4. oooh, I seriously do want to come and visit! It looks like a fun place to live--and I'm jealous that you live so close to water :)

  5. That looks like a place to put on my bucket list!

  6. Wow, looks like such a beautiful place! Loved all the pictures!

  7. Fun! I'm from southern Michigan, but I grew up right by the Lakes Mall. Hopefully we'll be back up there soon. We love Holland area!

  8. So many of those places look so familiar! You guys are close by. I don't actually go to Holland all that often, but we were just there for Tulip Time and we saw some Dutch dancers as usual. I usually go to a beach a couple times a year, too.

  9. your town is sooo cute and cozy!!!

  10. Oh my word. What a charming town! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing! It actually reminds me a lot of a combination of the east cost and our little towns in Wisconsin!

    I am excited to get to know you better through this fantastic network!

    Love, Amy

  11. Tulips are my absolute favourite! I want to come to a tulip festival!

  12. looks like a GREAT town! So much to offer!

  13. Looks like a great place to grow up!

  14. Oh I love Tulips so much! Sounds like an absolutely beautiful place to call home!

  15. Your town is beautiful! I just love your pictures. My husband and I live in Southwest Minnesota - another Dutch area of the Midwest. :)


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