Wednesday, June 4, 2014

june goals

I haven't done monthly goals since March. And let's face it.. I totally failed on pretty much all of those goals. I didn't think I even achieved any of them, but there are a couple I did do. They just took me a few extra months to do them. :)
I got a bump update finished - and now I'm super behind again. Another post will come soon!
And I tried a few new recipes. I will share those on here soon! One new recipe I did try but will not be sharing is Pad Thai.. and oh my stars - what a horrible mess up. Have y'all ever heard of fish sauce? Well if a recipe ever calls for it.. use it SO super sparingly! Unless fishy-ness is what you're all about. It was bad.. and I felt horrible having to dump it all but my attempt at fixing it didn't work either.

But June is here! It's finally summer and I'm officially in the 'nesting' stages of this pregnancy. Today marks 31 weeks. Which means in 9 short weeks (give or take) we will have a sweet daughter in tow and learning all about what parenthood is like! This also means I have a LOT of things I'm hoping to get done in these next 2ish months. I'm linking up with Hayley to share my goals!

I'm keeping them all focused around things that will benefit us once our little lady arrives:

June Goals

1. Create an atmosphere where our house becomes more our home. I want to put artwork on the walls, finish up some little projects (like putting knobs and pulls on all our cabinetry)

2. Start and finish Natural Hospital Birth

3. Make a trip to IKEA - I know, this one seems fairly easy to do. But with my exhaustion and a 6 hour round trip drive on top of being there.. I'd say it's a pretty big goal to accomplish 

4. Pray regularly for our daughter. Often times I find the days going by so fast and I realize I haven't spent adequate time in prayer over our daughter. I want her to know our love for her, but most importantly - the love our Father has for her. I want to pray over her daily

5. Drink at least 60oz of water a day and do regular prenatal exercises. Every time I go in for a check up; which is now bi-weekly, my midwife says I need to be drinking more water. I never thought that would be tough. It is! And I want to make sure I'm doing my pelvic tilts, kegels, tailored sitting and squats to help when labor time comes!

So there they are! I feel good about these goals - and I know there is always grace for the days I miss.

What are some things you're sure you want to accomplish this month?

Monday, March 31, 2014

gender reveal!

On Friday we had our first ultrasound and the babe is growing wonderfully and there were no concerns. Having to wait 4 weeks between appointments has been hard for me! I found out my placenta is in front of the baby so that is why I'm not feeling as much movement. What a relief to hear that because I was worried when I wasn't feeling kicks and jabs as much as I "should be" by this point.

After our ultrasound the tech wrote down the gender on a piece of paper and slipped it into an envelope (We turned our heads during the ultrasound when she was in the lower region). We brought the envelope to a party store and told them what to do. We popped next door to Target for a half hour and then returned to pick up the goods.

I didn't sleep a wink on Friday night! I stayed up late prepping for the reveal party and laid awake thinking and dreaming of the gender and all the fun things that were about to happen hours later. We woke up, finished decorating the house and waited for our families to arrive. While they were arriving, I was calm and enjoying my time with them. We took our guesses, prayed, ate and continued talking.

team ties VS team tutus

A little while later we were getting ready to have dessert before the reveal and someone suggested doing the reveal first and having dessert after to celebrate. I thought that was a fabulous idea so we gathered together. I grabbed the supplies and explained what to do.

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story!

We are over joyed to announce a sweet daughter will be joining our family come August! We are so grateful and super thrilled to meet her!!

most photos c/o my girl Marissa


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