Sunday, January 6, 2013

hello, 2013.

i'm so glad you're here.
not only because the holidays are so hectic, or that 2012 felt like a 'complacent' year.
but i have got a really good feeling this year is going to be much more god glorifying and fruitful than the year previous.

there is just something in me this year.. it's a new year, new beginnings. i want to take full advantage of that.

i've got some ideas in mind of things i want to see happen and actions i want to take to make them happen.

here are my 5 prayers for 2013.

1. i pray that i walk with, grow with, and bring more glory to god in all things this year.
so often i find myself going through seasons, struggles, trials, exciting moments and much more without focusing on the lord first. i pray this year i am able to be more spirit led and christ focused in every season and step. i want to be so indulged in scripture and prayer that i am completely in-tune with the will of my sweet sweet savior.
2. i pray that i am more dedicated to blogging and the influence network community.
going to the influence conference last year was one of the best choices i made! i made amazing friends, learned so much about this incredible blogging world, and what it means to have influence! i pray that the lord would use this blog and network to strengthen and use me for his glory.
3. i pray that i love well and love more.
i will be the first to admit that last year i tried to fill my plate way too full and didn't put enough effort into the things that meant most to me.
i long to be a better wife, daughter, sister and friend this year. i pray that i would be a better listener, encourager and take more time to invest in those that have invested in me.
4. i pray that i be intentional with my free time.
i complain a lot about not having much free time but then when i get free time i typically waste it on things that don't matter. this year i pray that the lord would show me those moments and that i would make the most of them with. whether that is digging more into the word, spending a little more time in prayer, meeting a friend for coffee, or visiting with my husband - i don't want to waste the precious time i've been given.
5. i pray that i live with less.
there are so many things i spend money on that i don't need or use. i think about ways that i can be a better saver and steward of what i've been given. i think of how much more debt we could potentially pay off, or the freedom of being able to give when the spirit prompts me. i pray this year i would live below my means and be a better steward of the things the lord has blessed us with and use it more for him and his kingdom.

so there they are. my 5 prayers for this year - the 5 things i'm trusting in the lord to help me with.

what are you praying for and trusting in the lord for in 2013?



  1. I love your humility in this post, it shows how on fire you are for Him!

  2. Your heart.... I love it. LOVE IT. It's probably what I love most about you; but your overall cuteness is a close second. ;)

    Xoxoxo! I miss you sweet girl!


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