Tuesday, January 8, 2013

designing his days.

oh my, friends!
you have no idea how long i've been waiting for this. [it's a belated christmas present]
seriously, every day i have looked at the tracking online to see when it would arrive.
i forgot about it momentarily until i pulled into the driveway yesterday and then i saw it sitting there waiting at my front door for me!

my very own day designer!

 there is so much this planner has to offer! 
i found out about this planner through hayley and was very intrigued.
it was too late to enter into the giveaway, so i began to research many different styles of planners and this one just fits me best.
i love the straight definitive lines. 
the simple black and cream on the outside.
yet, the detailed strategic planning on the inside.

as i shared yesterday - i have some exciting ideas, goals and dreams that i'm praying over and surrendering to the lord. i am eager to put these envisions into writing, although it makes me nervous.
not only nervous to write on these beautiful crisp clean pages but fearful of the idea of failing.
putting it in writing makes it real.
which also means there is the possibility of things not going as i had in mind.
but i will continue to be open and surrendered to what god wants to do with my 2013.
here is an open clean slate for him to fill it up with what he has planned
and i continue to pray that the lord would use it all for his glory and fame.


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  1. I almost ordered myself one of these over the holidays! A few months back I attempted to design my own planner because I'm so picky, but I think I should give this one a shot.

    And I love, love, love your sweet perspective on what is to come in the new year. May I be as prayerful and sincere as you.


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