Wednesday, December 12, 2012

getting into the christmas spirit.

so, on this past week's date night my husband and i finally found some time to bust out our annual christmas tradition.
a tradition we started last year, since last year was our first christmas ;)
we have decided that each year, during the first week of december [with exception of this year because of our crazy busyness - which is silly because it's only our second year doing this.. so really, only last year was when we really did it during the first week of december. anyways], we turn up the christmas music and haul out all the christmas decorations.
side note.. i learned a very valuable lesson from last year to this year.. when we put the christmas tree away, remind me to NOT put it under the stairs and then stack up everything else around the stairs so it's nearly impossible to get it out the next year.
yes.. this happened. i literally had to move stuff for 30 minutes in order to find our tree and then attempt to get it out.
lesson learned for next year.

we got all our christmas stuff out and began decorating. mr. b puts the tree together. we decided this is what works best for us for right now. once we start growing our family and they are old enough, we will move to a real tree and go through all the fun of finding it, cutting it down, hauling it home and then enjoying the delightful smell. but until then.. my pine scent candle will do ;)

once all the decorations are up, we snuggle up on the sofa with an amazing cup of hot cocoa with homemade stir sticks and watch the movie 'elf'. it's wonderful :)
we found the stir stick idea here and created them a little different, they are wonderful!
this year we got to add some fun homemade touches to our decorating.
i made these fun snowmen for a recent craft show.
my sister-in-law made our amazing tree skirt [you can sorta see it in the first photo - but it matches perfectly!].
she made our wonderful advent calendar.
i am also loving the mercury stained home decor right now too. as you can see, i got some awesome candle holders for my birthday and splurged on some other pieces, including this owl after they went on sale.
hope your holiday season


  1. Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing. Your decor is so cute (love the mercury glass).

    I am in love with starting Christmas traditions this year! Hot cocoa is almost always is included in what ever we do. :) I will have to make some of those stir sticks though ... !

  2. Owww what an awesome date night! Love your tree and decos looks fantastic :)


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