Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a full december!

oh my word! i feel like i've been absent for a year!
so.. there is lots to catch up on. but i'm going to try and keep it short :)
our craft show last weekend went well! it always such a long and full two days.. but it was so fun to spend it with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.
they're both great and make for a fun weekend!!
here are some photos i got - i know.. not many.. we were busy! [and i forgot my camera]
it was so funny, we didn't even try to match - but we did! we all had hot pink, grey and black on! so funny!! we even had a couple people ask if it was on purpose :)
before that.. was thanksgiving weekend.
which i never did a final thankful thursday post..
i was busy spending the weekend with all the most wonderful things i'm thankful for.
family, food, community, friends and so so much more!
here was our thanksgiving evening [i forgot to take photos - i was too busy enjoying the delicious meal!!] and black friday - we had SNOW!!
but now it's like... 60 degrees. crazy... welcome to the midwest.
and then, it was my birthday!!
which was also amazing! i spent the evening with my husband and we had so much fun falling more in love!
i know we weren't supposed to spend any money for the entire month of november.. but my sweetheart was determined that we spend a little cash so he could treat me to a nice dinner.
it ended up being a winner - we went to one of my favorite restaurants and found out that monday's are family night.. meaning we got twice the amount of food for the same price!
so much happened that was so meaningful and special. turning a quarter century was wonderful!
my prayer for this next year is that i grow closer to the Lord and bring him MORE glory in this next year than i did in the year previous.
it's been a great couple weeks. and we've got some more amazing times ahead too.
including a wedding and vacation to MEXICO!!!
friends, we are only 12 days away from this again...
i can't stinkin' wait!
[ps.. i'm looking for some guest posts for the days i'll be gone - if you're interested, email me! :)]


  1. Looks like an awesome birthday! Mexico looks wonderful- hope you have fun!

  2. Hey girl, wanted to let you know that you've been nominated for the liebster award! You can check it out here:

    Have a great day!


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