Tuesday, November 6, 2012


i'm just going to be honest.
i hate politics.
they cause ridiculous arguments and divisions.
and quite frankly.. i don't understand them.
my iq isn't high enough to know what is even going on.
this is why i also am not a huge fan of voting.
i don't feel adequate to vote.
i can study up on the presidents, all the proposals, judges and representatives and whoever else is on there all i want.
but i still don't get it.

but what i do know and get is that i have a right to vote. 
and so do you.
what i do know is what i am for.
i choose to focus on what i am for.
not for what i am against.
and this is how i base my vote.

above all this. 
the biggest thing i know and get is that above which president we end up with..
he will still be human.
he will still be a sinner in need of Jesus.
he does and will need our prayers.

and no matter who is elected..
i choose to not be worried because
Jesus is where i find my hope.
Jesus is where i find my identity.
my citizenship is eternal, in heaven. and temporarily here.
Jesus is ruler of all



  1. That is so true, what you said about this place being temporary and out of our control - no matter who we vote for. I am naturally anxious about politics. I hate voting FOR a person, only to find out more people voted against him (or vice versa). But, God is in control. He is always in control.

    No matter what happens, this is part of His plan.

  2. Great post. Really wonderful.


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