Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 days of thanksgiving.

oh my - i can't believe it's already november!
it's crazy how fast these months and year have gone by!!!
november is a sweet and special month for me.
not only do i get to celebrate my birthday.
but we get to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.
a lot of people think it's one of my favorite holidays because i was born on that day.
or because my birthday falls on thanksgiving every 7-9 years [depending on leap year].
but neither of these are the case.
thanksgiving is one of my favorite days because i get to surround myself with so many wonderful things that i am incredibly thankful for.
my savior
... the list goes on and on.
a couple years ago i decided to take my one day to celebrate all i'm thankful for and turn it into an entire month sharing the things i'm thankful for.
i posted a new thing i was thankful for each day on facebook.
well this year i was approached by an amazing lady who's heart is very thankful as well.
the Lord placed it on her heart to share all her thankfulness through blog posts.
of course i was on board right away!
so each week, on thursday's [thankful thursday's - yeaaa you like that?]
we will post about the things we're thankful for and what the Lord has been showing us that week.
pretty sweet right??
i know! 
i told you.. she's awesome! 
i'm so excited to join in and share with you just how thankful i am for the things i have!
on top of the posts - my husband and i decided to take things one step further on the 'thankfulness scale'
we decided to not spend any extra money this entire month. 
this means nothing will be purchased outside of our bills and necessities.
now some of you are probably thinking i'm crazy for agreeing to do this as i mentioned earlier that my birthday is in november. i knew that going into this.. i also know and realize my love language is gifts. but i really really really just want to focus on the things i already have and what i'm already incredibly thankful for. i don't want to feel that i need any sort of gifts or night out on  the town for my birthday.
i really want to soak in everything God has already given me, and us.
i'm so excited for this. i already know God is going to reveal himself to me more through this!
let's give thanks together!
what are you thankful for?


  1. I love this! I think it's awesome you and your husband are cutting back intentionally this month.
    P.S. I found you blog through Amanda's :)

  2. wow what a great commitment to focus on what you have!! You have a beautiful heart! I'm thankful for your blog and your witness!

  3. I love this! I actually have a goal on my 101 things of not making ANY purchases for one month (including food and toiletries). I'm not quite sure I'm ready to tackle that so I'm excited to hear about your experience. And last year I did Thankful Thursdays and it was AMAZING.

    So awesome! You rock!!

  4. Your heart is incredible, you know. The Lord is written all over you, your husband, and your home. You will be blessed for your faithfulness! I will be joining you starting next Thursday! : ) xo!

  5. I love your heart! Just discovered the 30 days of thanksgiving and I am definitely joining in!! Happy Birthday a little early!


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