Thursday, November 8, 2012

bridal shower invites.

did i already share with you how excited i am that one of my best friends is getting married soon?!!!
i am so excited to celebrate her big day in just over one month!

this is my first time being a matron of honor.
it's was my first time planning any sort of showers.
i wanted to make it personal, memorable and unique.
so i thought.. why not make it all handmade!

i figured i made a handmade wedding, why can't i do a handmade shower too??
and so.. i did!
here are the invitations i made..
these are the supplies. paper. your stamp. embossing ink. embossing powder in the color you would like. (you can use clear ink and a colored powder OR a colored ink with clear powder - they turn out the same way.). a tray to dispose of the extra powder. a heat gun.
i got some colored paper and created the invite on the computer and left some open spaces for some crafty touches. like stamping and embossing. two of my favorite things for cards and invites!
my wedding invites were also handmade, stamped and embossed!
i did this sample on a white invite to make sure it turned out how i was envisioning.
the process..
first you stamp on the paper where you want. i don't have a photo of this since it was clear.
then you dump the powder on it. i like to make sure i get the entire stamp covered.
once you have all the ink covered, shake off the extra powder into the tray to save and use again. i usually tap the paper lightly to make sure the powder around the design is off too, otherwise that will also get embossed.
once you're happy with how it looks, start up that heat gun! i hold the gun about 6-8 inches away and then once it starts embossing i usually adjust as needed. be careful to not hold it in one place too long, otherwise you will burn the paper.
let it sit aside, it will be hot. the paper will also probably be a little wavy or discolored, no worries! it will lay back down and the color comes back after a couple minutes.

after trying my sample on white, i moved on to the real deal.
once they were all stamped and embossed i added the final touches (a strip of paper on the bottom, the thread and paper at the top [where i wrote where they are registered on one side and rvsp date on the other]) and they were ready to send out!

what do you think?
miss riss didn't even understand them.. silly girl.
do you?


  1. these are adorable, good job! :-)

    - Val @

    1. thank you, val!! they sure were fun to make! :)

  2. Beautiful job! You're an amazing friend :)

  3. This turned out so well! Good job! I should try to make my next invitations at home : )


  4. What beautiful invites and how fun to dress in a wide brim hat =)


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