Wednesday, November 14, 2012

i don't like doctors.

i have never enjoyed going to the doctor.
doesn't matter which kind.
physician, dental, eye, gyno, chiropractor...
none of them.
why can't there be like.. massage doctors? i would go to them all day long!
i'm thinking that is the exact reason their aren't any. cause no one enjoys going to the doctor.
i don't like when they touch, poke, pry. they get too close [gynos get WAY too close] for comfort.
offices are stiff. they have that smell. you sit on those creepy old chairs or beds with that loud sticky paper.
hence my reasoning for not going.
the only reason i went to my gyno.. was because i was getting married. haven't seen her since.
and let's be honest.. i haven't been to the dentist or eye doctor in years.
seven years to be exact.
i know.. you're all probably jaw dropped and making a disgusted face like this..
or this..

or even like this..
well.. you don't have to worry any longer.
i have finally caved in.
i made appointments for the eye doctor and dentist.
i'll be walking around with new eyes and teeth in no time!
but until those appointments are over, i'll be in a corner going crazy like this..
with nerves and anxiety.
i don't like doctors.


  1. Aaaamen!! Doctors are eeevil~)) Like Dracula or something! lol great pics!! lol

  2. I am the same way. I HATE going to any doctor. But then I got pregnant...and I loved my gyno. I actually say all the time that I miss her (I mean, I saw her like every couple of weeks for 10 months). She is awesome and christian so that totally helps. Now I say that I would rather go to my gyno then the dentist ANY day! But, even though I love my gyno...once I step foot into the doctor's blood pressure skyrockets! Crazy nerves!

    hahahaha...what a ridiculous comment...but that's me! All that to say, I feel your pain, girl! ;)

  3. I never did doctors either until 3&4 years ago - now I have a love hate relationship ;) I'm a ball of nerves as well. I think it's the smell too!

  4. I hate doctors! So, like you, I typically refuse to go to them. Dentists I'm surprisingly okay with. I actually go every six months. But there's no way you're getting me into the doctor's office once a year!

  5. And THESE are the reasons I love you... Thanks for the giggle girly. :)

  6. I am the same way! I just recently bucked down and went to the regular doctor and the eye doctor. next up, dentist, the worst of them all!

    good luck at your appointments!


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