Thursday, November 8, 2012

thankfulness week one.

so this first week of november has been crazy.
there have been lots of highs and lows.
but each day the Lord has revealed himself to me.
if you remember last week thursday.. i am doing #30daysofthanksgiving with some wonderful other women here in the blogging world. it's not too late to join - come one, come all!
here are my first seven days of thankfulness.
day one - the word of God. it's something i can never get enough of. i don't know who i would be or where i would be without it!
day two - coffee. i am slightly addicted to it. i am so thankful for those tasty little beans and what they make.
day three - having the right to vote. thankful to live in a country that gives us such freedom like this.
day four - amazing and tasty foods. there are SO many different foods and flavors available at our finger tips. it's seriously a blessing!
day five - gorgeous sunrises. God's goodness shines through and his grace is unbelievable!
day six - relaxation. it's a blessing to know that we don't have to be in control. God calls us to relax and rest and it allows us to watch his faithfulness to sustain us during those times.

i have been richly blessed by the mercy and grace of God this week.
AND we have spent zero dollars so far!!
it's definitely eye opening to see how often we are tempted to spend money on ourselves.
the Lord has provided for us beyond measure and we can confidently know that he will continue to do so.

what things have you been thankful for this month?


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  1. I agree, coffee & sunrises = love.

    Hope you have a blessed and beautiful weekend, girl. I love reading your blog :)

  2. This list is fantastic - girlfriend, I heart you! We need to text and catch up... Glad you had a good week! <3


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