Thursday, November 15, 2012

thankfulness week two.

what a whirlwind of a month it's been so far.
i can't believe it's already the 15th and the month is half over.
i so can't believe that thanksgiving is already next thursday!
or that my birthday is a week and a half away!
there is so much to be thankful for that i have a hard time choosing each day!
here is this weeks #30daysofthanksgiving
one - thankful to be celebrating that sweet sweet friend of mine!!  
two - thankful for no cavities and [soon] new glasses! i am so so so thankful to have teeth that work and eyes that can see. oh my what a blessing they both are!
three - i am thankful for hunters. they fill up my freezer with tasty meat. [i'm sorry if you are offended.. i'm not trying to offend anyone.. but have you met my husband?? he is a meat eating animal!] i don't like hunting.. but i am appreciative of those who do to provide for what i don't :)
four - new jammies. oh me oh my - and they were FREE! we still haven't spent any money this month - but i had some birthday gift cards in the mail from a store and couldn't resist these yummy cute and cozy pajamas!
five - so thankful for friends! they are so wonderful and supportive. and i love how much fun we have together!!
six - it's a blessing to be able to drive, let me tell you. i drive a lot. and i mean a whole lot. i put over 25,000 miles on my car a year. last year i put over 35,000. shh don't tell my insurance company ;) but i am so thankful that i have the capabilities to drive.
what are some things you're thankful for this week?
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