Saturday, September 8, 2012

day six. part six.

ahh! we're almost there! this is the exact day [saturday] i walked down the aisle and married my handsome hunk! it's gone by so fast! :) here is [part one][part two][part three], and [part four] and [part five] of our love story

during this season of dating, mr. b and i were living in different cities. not too far from each other, but far enough that we didn't see each other often. one weekend i was in town visiting him and was staying at his parents house. mr. b told me he had a 'day date' planned for us and i needed to be awake and ready at 9:30am.

on the morning of march 19, 2011 i woke up and got ready. while i was getting mr. b opened up the front door to his parents house and surprised me with a rose, a kiss and a cup of coffee from one of my favorite coffee shops.

the thought did cross my mind if he would propose but i didn't want to get my hopes up so i pushed it aside.

before i knew it we were off and on our way.
throughout our drive there were small surprises that he gave me.
at first i had no idea where we were driving to.
then the thought of chicago crossed my mind.. until we took an exit wayyy before chicago.

we ended up at a train station. this was on purpose to throw me off.. and it did!
we boarded the train and were off... to chicago!

we spent the day there and enjoyed each others company and he still continued to give me little gifts.

we hopped on the train back home that evening.
i was crushed. we went all the way to chicago and there was NO proposal! i couldn't believe it!
i thought to myself, and yes... even verbalized to him how perfect that would have been to propose because it was like our analogy for our relationship!

we got back to his parents house and shared about our day and started to sit down to watch a movie.
mr. b then called me over by him and asked me to come back outside to get something.

once we were out by his truck, he turned around and started to tell me how much he loves me. he shared with me how he knew the Lord was calling us to be together, to serve together, and to glorify God together. he told me i was the only woman in the world for him and that he would be so blessed and honored if i would make him the happiest man in the world and marry him.

i was shocked. totally shocked. so shocked that i didn't even cry. mr. b was shocked that i wasn't crying.. haha
i, of course, said yes! and couldn't wipe the smile off my face!
this was around 9:30pm - 12 hours after our day had started!

we walked back inside and shared with our friends and family.

 the moon was one of those moons that only comes around once every so many years.. i don't think it will happen again until 2030 or something? so my dad said we needed to get a photo with it! haha it's so small up there!
these photos were taken the night mr. b proposed. he was already changed out of his clothes and was relaxing when i realized we had no photos!

there are so many details to our proposal
- funny moments of how mr. b's dad walked out while right in the middle of mr. b's proposal
- or how my camera didn't work for the entire trip!
- all the small gifts and surprises
- details of how i yelled at mr. b the entire train ride home for not proposing in chicago
and so much more! to read our entire proposal go [here] where i posted it back when he proposed :)

and now we start wedding festivities!...


  1. what a cute story! I love looking back on the small details of certain days and laughing about them now :-)

  2. I loooooooooooove reading these posts. I'm SUCH a hopeless romantic!!! :-)

    P.S. Girlfriend, you are just so pretty! You look stunning ALL THE TIME!



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