Sunday, September 9, 2012

day seven. part seven.

happy sunday!! our one year anniversary is on monday - so i'm sharing all about our love! read each part up to this point to catch yourself up! [part one][part two][part three][part four][part five] and [part six]!


today i wanted to share with you some of our official engagement photos and lots of photos of preparation for our wedding day. be prepared for some fun and craziness!

we loved, loved, loved our engagement photos! it was so fun and so natural to take them.
the preparation for the wedding was full of so many emotions! stress, happiness, fun, nervous, excitement, ups, downs - pretty much every emotion possible!
to release the stress, we went and got manis and pedis :) and then headed out to get ready for rehearsal.
but we ended the night before our wedding with bang - we flash mobbed another wedding! it was so fun!! the bride was not very happy at first.. and then she went along with it.. and then we got kicked out. definitely a memory we look back on often!

we did almost my entire wedding handmade.
i made the [invitations] and the programs. 
my mom, friends and i crafted all of the center pieces together.
my mom and i made all of the 'thank you for coming' gifts.
we decorated all of the cupcakes for our dessert table.
i made every one's seating mugs.
the entire back drop for our ceremony was built and we used lots of live plants and flowers.
we bought all the flowers from the farmer's market [remember how i love shopping local ;)?] and we put them all together for the aisles, up front, bridesmaids bouquets and my bouquet.

it was so much fun to make our wedding hand crafted and special, just for us.
definitely wish i would have had more time if i had to do it all over - but i would definitely do it all myself just like we did!
and... i didn't even have pinterest at that time!

if you have any questions about our wedding, how much it cost to do it all, or are interested in doing a self crafted wedding and wondering more details - email me and i would LOVE to help you out! 

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  1. I love the dress you wore in your engagement photos! that's such a great color.


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