Friday, September 7, 2012

day five. part five.

we're almost there! oh it's been so fun sharing our love story here where all you friends can read as well as keeping it in a place where the memories stay for us to look back on one day! if you're interested in reading what happened before the break up... you can read [part one], [part two], [part three], and [part four] and then join in below for part five!


yes... it's true...
we broke up.

we broke up on october 3
[crazy.. exactly one year after the crazy stuff happened with johnny and when mr. b woke up in the middle of the night praying for me]

a couple days leading up to our break up mr. b and myself were indecisive about being together. we knew neither of us wanted to date just to date. we decided to take time apart, pray and seek what the Lord wanted for us so we didn't keep going back and forth about questioning our relationship.

during this time it was hard. we were still leading a community group together in the dorms, separate, but we still saw each other. i so badly wanted to still talk to him.. but i resisted. he wanted to talk to me too, but refrained.

this lasted a couple weeks.. and then one day... i learned how to curl my hair.
 true story..
i curled my hair and got all 'dolled up' [this may or may not have been to make him jealous... whoops] before our community group.

he noticed me and commented that i looked beautiful. that was hard.. here i was doing it on purpose, but then to have him acknowledge but know there was nothing more between us was hard.

we started to communicate a little more and then a couple more weeks later we sat down to talk.
neither one of us could stop thinking about the other one. neither one of us liked being apart. we knew we wanted to be together. we knew we wanted things to end in marriage.

so on november 10, 2009 [11.10.09]
mr. b confessed two things.
one.. he confessed his love for me. this was the first time he had ever told me he loved me. i replied and told him i loved him too. [as the story of our relationship goes.. i knew i loved him long before, but hesitated on when to tell him as i was his first girlfriend and didn't want to scare him off]
two.. he confessed that he needed me back in his life and asked me to be his girlfriend again. i also said yes again :)

we continued to date from that moment on and put our break up in the past but do reflect on it as a necessary season for the Lord to speak to each of us individually and show us that he was calling us to be together. this was also a season of recognizing spiritual warfare in our relationship and how the enemy was trying to permanently break us apart.
[if you are interested in talking more about spiritual warfare.. email me and i would love to talk - it's something that we've experienced several times during our relationship, engagement and even marriage]

by this point we have held hands, kissed, and said i love you.. we were definitely picking up speed on our travels to chicago!

we set our cruise and continued to drive for almost another year and a half.

then mr. b planned a real surprise trip to chicago...


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  1. Wow!!! Crazy that you two broke up!!! But what a great testimony!!! I love looking back and seeing how God worked in our lives! (:


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