Monday, September 10, 2012

one year anniversary!

yay!!! we made it to our one year anniversary!! what a crazy, awesome, refining, blessed first year of marriage we have had! of course, as in every marriage - there are the wonderful times and then there are the times of struggle. but we made it! :) we are SO grateful and soo excited to see what the Lord has in store for us for year number two!
if you're just joining us - welcome! i'm so happy you're here!
if you're interested in reading all about our love story - you can read [part one][part two][part three][part four][part five][part six] and [part seven] to catch up on it all and reminise over our relationship and how we got to where we are today! :)


so you might think i'm crazy for planning my entire wedding under budget and doing everything myself with the wonderful wonderful help of my family and friends.
it was definitely a lot of work - i wish i would have documented more of it.. i have some stuff and maybe i'll do some more in depth posts on that another time :)

our engagement was just shy of 6 months. 5 months and 21 days to be exact.
there was one month in there that i didn't have anything going on.. i had just graduated college.. and hadn't started my job yet. my momma encouraged me to get started and i thought.. nahh i've got plenty of time.

well, let me tell you.. 
she was right.
so right.
i wish i wouldn't have taken almost a month off from everything. [i seriously was probably the laziest person you've ever met and filled my time with naps, relaxing with friends, flipping through magazine pages and not a whole lot more.]

the rest of those months got so busy.
i was training and traveling for my job.
taking licensing exams. [that i ended up having to re-take both of them again because i failed them both the first time. talk about pride squasher].
planning and crafting our [my] dream wedding. you will be able to see a lot more hand crafted stuff in these photos :)
and trying to get our new yet temporary home painted, moved into and situated so we had a home to live in once we got back from our honeymoon.

what a ride it was!
but, we're here and we made it!

i wanted to share with you some [a lot.. get ready] of our wedding photos as well as some highlights from our first year of marriage :)
this was my dress before [on the left] and we took of the rhinestones and gave me some pearls instead [on the left!] :)
highlights and favorites from our first year.
- our wedding day
- our wedding night ;)
- flash mob [yes, it's true! we had a flash mob at our wedding. if you're lucky i'll hunt down the youtube video and share with you :)]
- our first holidays together and new traditions we're making
- movie nights

- figuring out how to live together :)
- growing in selflessness
- falling asleep and waking up next to each other [bad breath and all!]
- honeymoon in the bahamas
- sex [blunt, but oh so true!]
- cooking for mr. b
- outdoor adventures
- making our house our home and doing fun projects together
- watch so many different friend couples of our get engaged!
- road trips
- dance parties in our living room. alone. sometimes with no music. :)
- watching some of our friends get married!!
- pillow talk
- hosting friends and guests in our own home
- laughing together and making each other laugh 
- christmas vacation in mexico
- doing ministry with each other hand in hand 

this list could go on and on.. but i'll spare you cause there are still lots more photos to be seen!
especially this next one... ;) 
yes.. this is part of the flash mob. and yes, our flower girls and ring bear were definitely part of it!!!
reflecting on our wedding day gives me the butterflies.
it was such an amazing day.
it's been an amazing first year!
i can't thank and praise God enough for what he's done and what he's doing in us, our marriage and our futures!

thanks for reading along! you all are so sweet! :)


  1. I LOVE your dress, pearl necklaces, and shoes! absolutely gorgeous wedding :-)

    1. awh!! thank you SO much!! :) i love reminising through these photos :) ahh what a beautiful day to remember!! :)

  2. AWWW!! Such an awesome wedding!!It turned out amazing:) Happy 1 year to you all.. cant wait to celebrate that moment with my hubby!

  3. what a BEAUTIFUL wedding. I have a favorite though...the one at the alter with y'all praying. ohhh it's beautiful. God loves when people recognizes marriage as a covenant and include them in their wedding. Not only that, but I think it's precious because the husband, from DAY ONE is stepping up and being the head of the house already by leading his wife in prayer. very beautiful wedding girl!

  4. You were incredibly beautiful on your wedding day! I know you have a marriage that is so honoring to God! Thanks for always being such a great example to me, other wives, and girls growing up!
    I know you are so excited to start year two! New challenges are ahead but more fun is too!! <3 Clara

  5. What a gorgeous wedding! You look beautiful, Jennifer! I love love love that you did it all yourself. When the time comes for me to plan my wedding I definitely want to do the same thing! I would love to hear about your budget, ideas, and so forth! thanks so much for sharing your amazing story!


  6. Congratulations on one year!! All the pictures from your wedding are gorgeous, and you guys look so happy! I'm sure you have many, many more great years ahead of you!


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