Thursday, September 6, 2012

day four. part four.

hi friends! so as you can tell - i'm in the middle of a series that will last 1 week. here is [part one] and [part two] and [part three] 
december 16, 2008, it was snowing and accumulating fast. mr. b asked me to go for a ride with him [we loved doing donuts in parking lots in the winter - so fun!]. while we were out, mr. b asked me some questions about relationships and what i thought about dating. i was honest and shared with him. then these are the words that came out of his mouth.
'i'm sorry if i've been leading you on. i wasn't trying to do it on purpose.'
ouch. talk about friend. box.
i was so crushed [again!]
but thankfully it doesn't stop there.
he shared that he was starting to have feelings for me and didn't know where i stood, but was willing to wait for me so he could start pursing me towards a relationship!

from there - we both decided to pray about when we should take the next step [although i was thinking.. how about we 2 years ago!!!]
this photo is a picture of us the day after he told me he liked me :) we went skiing/snowboarding. it was so much fun!

a couple weeks later, he asked to take me out on our first date. he took me to logan's roadhouse. we spent the evening talking each others ears off and laughing. we even had one of mr. b's best friends and his now wife stop by and check in to see how things were going - they were all smiles because we were finally going out on a date. we were all smiles too :)

i knew i was already falling really hard for this amazing man.

on january 31st, 2009 mr. b asked me to be his girlfriend. how he asked was so cute!
we were hanging out at my apartment and my roommates left to go somewhere. we were in my living room both sitting on the floor and mr. b said 'jenn... i have a question to ask you.' i wasn't sure what he was going to ask.. but i had an idea and i started to get super nervous and so many thoughts went running through my head. 'is he going to ask me to be his girlfriend?' 'do i say yes?' '...i really really like him, am i ready for another relationship?' 'what about my season of singleness?'
and then he asked... 'jennifer, will yo----b---g---lfriend.' it was so fast that is about how it came out. i don't even think he used complete words. he was so nervous - it was so so cute!
my response... 'yes.. but what did you say?' hahaha and then he asked me again 'jennifer, will you be my girlfriend?' and from there it was official! we were officially the 31st couple!! [which was also fun because there wasn't 31 days in each month to 'celebrate' - but we loved it!]

throughout our first eight months of dating, we had lots of fun. we were still getting used to dating and what that was like [more so for him since i was and am his first relationship, first kiss, first girlfriend, first everything].

right off the bat we were having a conversation one night and decided that we didn't want to do what everyone else was doing. we wanted to set our own pace for our relationship. mr. b LOVES cars - so the analogy we came up with was a road trip. we were on our way to chicago [i think we chose that city because we're not too far from it, and that is one of the bigger cities by us]. just because the speed limit is 70, we didn't want to necessarily go that speed [for holding hands, kissing, i love you, engagement, marriage....etc.] so we started out slow. and whenever we did the next thing, we had moved up speeds a little bit. once we arrived to 'chicago', that represented our engagement and marriage. [this plays along with his proposal - so stay tuned for that too!!!]

our first kiss was on august 16th, 2009. 7 and 1/2 months after we started dating. this was also adorable. we were up at my cottage and laying out on the dock watching the stars. it was a gorgeous night. mr. b looked at me and told me he wanted to kiss me but was nervous. remember he had never kissed anyone before, so he asked how to do it. my response.. i will never forget.. i told him to 'just go in for the kill!' how romantic, right? haha but so fun. he then laid back down and we continued to talk for a bit. then all of a sudden he sat up, looked into my eyes, leaned in and kissed me. shooting stars, my friends! we both headed back into the cottage with BIG grins on our faces. i crawled into bed next to my mom and woke her up to tell her! oh man, i don't think i slept a peep!
things were going so good - until the break up...


  1. Jennifer I am LOVING reading your story! I may have even cried a little on part 3.

    props to you guys for waiting 7 1/2 months for the first kiss! I bet the wait made it amazing!!

    and I love how close you are to your mom. so sweet :)

  2. This series is adorable! Love reading your love story. Happy Thursday!

  3. What??? How can you end the post like that?? You're not supposed to keep us in suspense.


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