Thursday, August 2, 2012

the big two-one.

no.. not me. i did not recently turn 21. although i did get carded when we were out for his birthday. i understand.. if you look under 40 you must be carded. i sure hope i look under 40! but him being 21.. either i am his twin and turned 21 too, or i must be older otherwise i wouldn't have tried to order. :)

we went out for dinner and a drink. it was simple and nice.

here is the birthday boy!

and here are some photos from our evening!
these were the delicious drinks i had. a nice glass of oberon [which is one amazing seasonal beer, if you have it in your area - try it!] and then i had a sangria. i can't ever say no to sangria! delicious!
it was fun celebrating him :) we do like to argue and tease one another but deep down i love my brother so much and am so thankful for him! praying for many many more birthday celebrations to come!

have a wonderful thursday and see you tomorrow for friday letters! :)


  1. aww, my brother recently turned 21 too! it makes you feel old, doesn't it?

    that Oberon looks GOOD!

  2. you are so incredibly beautiful and photogenic!!!! (:

    Oh it was so odd when my brothers turned 21. lol. (I have twin brothers) They turned 21 right before my wedding and it was so strange seeing them order drinks from the bar.
    Then this past June (they had just turned 22) my niece graduated high school and we had a little family dinner the night before and I even grabbed them a beer. So strange for me.. since I always thought of them as my LITTLE brothers. haha. I still see them as 16 (the age when I graduated and moved out lol).

  3. Looks like such a fun birthday! and yummy looking drinks :)


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