Friday, August 3, 2012

first friday in august.

oh my oh my! the first friday in august! lots of good things about today and august.. one. i get paid ;) two. it's almost fall. three. it's closer to the big one year anniversary for mr. b and me. four. friday letter's! five.. eh, we'll stop at four. :)

dear project - please oh please can you just work with me. i am super excited to get you finished and you're making me take steps backwards! i know it's a learning process, but back to the beginning..? really? let's start moving forward again. dear polyurethane and lacquer - you guys need to become better friends. you are messing me up and it makes me angry! how was i supposed to know you don't like each other? from now on, i will have to choose one of you. no more double duty for me. dear mr. b - you've got talent! i am SO impressed with all of your wonderful handyman abilities! it's also a blast doing projects together! :) so excited that you are my partner for life! be prepared ;) dear evening runs - holy cow i'm so proud of myself! you about killed me and i think my heart rate was beating a little too fast for comfort, but boy oh boy it was good to experience you again. let's see if you'll stick around. keep bugging me and you will have a better of staying :) dear heavenly father - thank you for your grace, forgiveness and mercy. your goodness is a blessing and i am so undeserving. i praise you for loving me anyways. dear weekend - you're going to be another fun one! i'm super excited for my cousin to get married saturday!! :) how fun!

ps.. dear rain - can you please come early or hold off until after saturday evening? the ceremony is outside and a lot of us would really appreciate it if you didn't interrupt her special day. thanks :)


  1. That was one of my favorite things about it being August...i'm finally closer to FALL!!!

  2. Yay for almost being fall!!! Oh I love weddings!!! (: I love August for my wedding anniversary as well. hehe

  3. Go ahead girl with your running!!

    Happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!


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