Sunday, August 19, 2012

she reads truth sunday.

as i've told you before i just recently heard about #shereadstruth and it's been such a blessing! i have LOVED the studies. i haven't really been able to discuss it with anyone though. i know there is something on friday's to discuss it, but i haven't linked up or gone to it.. i always forget to. so i thought i would share here what the Lord has been teaching me on the prayer study :) i spoke about prayer over at my new wife life a couple weeks ago, you can check it out [here] if you didn't yet.

this prayer study has been showing me how many different people in scripture prayed. when things got tough, they prayed. when they wanted to rejoice, they prayed. when they needed direction, they prayed. the most important example and the one who taught us to pray is Jesus himself.

he taught us through the Lord's prayer; which we looked at on day 2.
in the old testament, the people prayed and the Lord answered.
we are called to pray in humbleness. in secret places where the Lord hears our prayers and rewards us.

one of the biggest thing i learned and that stuck out to me was that Jesus didn't only pray.. he prayed for us.
'i am praying for them. i am not praying for the world but for those whom you have given me, for they are yours.' john 17:9.
i am still blown away that Jesus, my Lord and Savior, who lived a life we couldn't live and died the death that we deserved prays for us.



  1. I love She Reads Truth! I've been slacking these last couple of weeks and need to get back on it! Thanks for reminding me! ; )

  2. I love shereadstruth and all the wonderful things we are learning!!! (:


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