Friday, August 17, 2012


sometimes i feel like life is going by so fast and i am just on a carpet ride flying through and getting done what i can and miss the rest.

these beauties were delivered to our office at work and i have the joy of looking at them every day :)

we have fun stuff for the weekend though! family reunion tomorrow and dog sitting for my mom!

dear life - slow down. please oh please. i know there are times when i just want to be a little older, but right now.. things are good and i would like to pause you and enjoy this season of life. and i really mean this... although i talk about making babies like it's no one's business. i really do like where we're at. dear baby making - it's not happening. i apologize that you might think we're ready for kiddos. sometimes i just think having kids would fix other problems that arise. but i know that's wrong - so we're still playing it safe and you'll just have to hold off for a while longer :) dear mr. b - i love you. i always will. you have my whole heart for my whole life and no matter what comes our way we can and will fight together. i promise to never give up on fighting for you, myself, or our family. dear Jesus - i pray you manifest yourself to us. i pray for your strength to not give up or lose hope. i pray that you would dig deep to the root and start healing. it is only by your blood shed on the cross that we have victory and freedom and are able to overcome. for that i praise you, Lord. dear fresh flowers - you always know how to brighten any gals day. i love your smell and your beauty. but i do wish you were so expensive. i would love to place you in every room in our home.. but i'm pretty sure mr. b wouldn't approve no matter how good you smell. dear mia - please don't kill yourself while momma is out of town this weekend. i really don't know what i would do if she came back and you were no longer. i know you don't like to be away from home.. but please oh please just don't go under our fence into that other dog's yard. i promise you wont win...


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