Friday, August 10, 2012

rainy friday.

what a week. it felt so long, yet so short. so many things happened this week - but it was a good week.

dear rain - boy oh boy did we need you! you've been around almost all week, but you sure make it hard to get out of bed.. i love staying all snuggled up and warm with my new fuzzy blanket hearing you outside. you're my reason i was late to work 3 days this week. [whoops...] dear mr. b - happy 11 months!!! it's been the biggest joy being married to you and i can't wait to celebrate our one year anniversary next month! :) and i can't wait for many many more years too!!! thank you for so much love and encouragement this week. you are simply the best! now.. if you could just work on picking up after yourself... ;) you have to admit.. i've been doing a darn good job at it!! dear latest obsession - oh boy.. you are quite time consuming and getting me all excited with hopes and dreams. i do pray that things will work out within time, and i just love, love, love figuring you out and getting plans, designs, and layouts of you together. but i need to slow down with you a little.. you're getting my hopes up too fast. please don't let me down. dear photos - where are you? why have you not captured yourself? why do you always depend on me? i mean.. i do really enjoy capturing those special moments - but every time? my camera is big and bulky... guess i just need to get used to carrying her everywhere i go or remember to bust out my iphone. dear Lord - thank you for answered prayers. thank you for comfort. thank you for showing me my worth and identity in you. thank you for blessing me with one amazing husband and for the privilege of being married to him for 11 wonderful months today!



  1. We really did need the rain! It's so unusual for me to see and hear this rain that hasn't let up for a while's been a long time! You've almost made it to a year of marriage...doesn't it go by so fast? It seems like that to me, at least!

  2. Love that you are getting rain, i'm hoping we will get some soon! Those are always the best days to stay home and have a movie day curled up on the couch!

  3. adorable letters, especially the last one. (found you on the link-up)


  4. oh i love your letter to the Lord. it warmed my soul!!! hehe.

    I am CONSTANTLY taking pics with my fan-cay smart phone. lol. Sometimes I think I annoy my hubby.. and everyone around me.. but I when I look back at them all.. I am so happy I did. hehe.

    what is your obsession?? I am excited for you now!

  5. SNuggling in bed when it's raining is one of my ultimate favorite things in life. No one seems to understand why I love the rain so much but it just amazes me and gives me warm fuzzies. Glad to have found your blog, I'm your newest follower :)

  6. Your letters are ALWAYS my favorite.. So heartfelt and sweet. :-) Prayer is amazing, God is good!



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