Monday, August 13, 2012

coffee ice cube drink.

another weekend come and gone. wow - lots of stuff this week ahead. lots of fun stuff!

until then..
here is probably the simplest, and i truly mean simplest recipe [i don't even know if you could call it that..] there is out there!

i have made coffee ice cubes before.. i saw it at a coffee shop one time and thought, brilliant! no more watered down iced coffee! i've been doing it ever since. well then this wonderful peach came along on pinterest and i just had to try it!
coffee ice cube drink
found: on my [refreshments board] on pinterest
makes: 4 drinks
time: 24-48 hours for ice cubes to freeze, 5 minutes to prepare drink

2 ingredients friends..
coffee ice cubes
vanilla flavored almond milk*

do these steps days before:
1. take your left over coffee from the day, instead of dumping it down the drain.. pour it into ice cube trays
2. put them in the freezer and let them freeze
do this when preparing the drink:
3. take the coffee ice cubes and put in glass
4. pour some cold vanilla flavored almond milk on top.
5. stir and enjoy!

seriously... one easy easy easy drink that is so so so delicious!
*you can use soy milk, coconut milk, flavors or original... no matter what you use, it will be good!


  1. YUMMM!!! I definitely need to try this. AND try almond milk. I always use vanilla creamer instead. :) Thanks for sharing!


  2. i have always wanted to do this!! i recently got hooked on almond milk, too - so this recipe is perfect for me :) thanks for sharing it friend!!

  3. Mmmm I need to try this! I am always throwing out the coffee at the end of the day.

  4. this is genius!! I'm totally going to do this :-)

  5. Oh yum! Definitely need to try this! So happy I ran across your blog. New follower!! Looking forward to reading more!!

  6. I love this! On our honeymoon in St. Thomas there was a coffee place that used coffee ice cubes in the iced coffee and we thought it was genius! No more watered down iced coffee--why doesn't Starbucks do this????


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