Thursday, August 9, 2012

friends and food.

seriously.. one of my favorite combos! or coffee.. or even just friends. i love it! i am so excited when i get to hang out with other women! don't get me wrong.. i love love love my husband dearly, but we need girls too! I need girls too!

last night i got to meet up with a wonderful woman of the Lord for dinner. hanging out with her for a couple hours was wonderful - and the fact that we went to olive garden for unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks.. talk about bonus!

it was such a blessing to talk with her and catch up on everything in life - it's been over a year and half since we've last seen each other! mr. b still sees her in classes, but it was a joy for me to just talk and share with her about our struggles, passions, hurts, blessings, dreams.. life!

she has such a passion for the Lord and it shines through her! i am so thankful and excited to see how she will be used for God's glory and where he leads her next. she is and will be a blessing to everyone she encounters through her ministry! [she even has a [blog] if you want to go read what's on her beautiful, genuine heart]

i adored our time together and look forward to the next! this time it wont be as long i'm thinking :)

hope you all are having a wonderful week!
and sorry for no photos lately.. life is busy - but i'm making sure i take time to enjoy it, i just don't always remember the photos.. i'll get better with time :)


  1. this makes me want to go have dinner with you! and your friend. I see horses on her blog ... oh man do I love horses. I hope she's ready for me.

  2. You are just so sweet! I'm the same way about pictures...I almost never remember to take them!

  3. Jen, I was not expecting such a beautifully written blog about our night, I'm sitting here in awe with such humility and honor! I'm so so glad we were able to touch base, and I agree on the bet that it will not be as long for the next time...possibly a couple weeks away on a weekend :) Thank you for the plug about my blog too, I hope I will continue to stay faithful in writing and God will supply much on my heart to share! I'm excited.

    Blessings til next time! Praying for you!

  4. Well, I don't know why my picture didn't show...just another thing to learn about this wonderful bloggie world! Loves it.


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