Tuesday, August 21, 2012

family reunion.

this past weekend was our family reunion for my dad's side of the family.
mr. b had to work so we flew down there once he got out.
we made it just in time for the left over food and desserts.
my dessert was the best, but i'm being biased - you can see what i made [here]

i come from a very large family... here is how they placed together our family tree. all the other colors are my grandma's sibilings. i told you, it's a big family. my grandma is in the green and that is my direct family line. the colored are blood related, the cream are married in. if you look over on the right where there is a box above the cream box.. that's where my mom was crossed out and step mom added above. but that whole story is for another day.. or week..
i thought it would be a fun way to share that i was pregnant by adding baby v coming in.... but i'm not. so maybe next reunion ;)
here is my dad chatting with another peron i don't know.. they're related somehow. this is pretty much the story of my family. as long as i know the immediate family members like aunts, uncles, cousins and other a couple others - i'm good! side note.. my dad is loves his harley-davidsons. that's all he wears. if he could have i'm sure he would have worn a harley grub to our wedding.
as you can see.. we literally got there when they were cleaning up. whoops. good thing they don't know us very well ;) and my dessert made up for being late. we did get a standing ovation while walking in. fashionably late.. what can we say?
speaking of fashionably late.. i would say indeed we were late, and fashionable! look at us :) AND we matched. we wore grey and stripes. mr. b thought it would be fitting to wear his grey kicks with a red stripe to match my pants ;) he's a keeper i tell ya! he knows i am totally ocd about my clothes and our kids will be the best styled babies in town because of this he does whatever he can to add to his outfits :) ahh i love him!
don't forget - there is still time to link up to my [MENU monday.] recipe link up! can't wait to try all the fun recipes!!


  1. I love love love your outfit! You are simply the cutest! And I want your hair! I hope your are having a great Tuesday!

  2. This is EXACTLY how my family is...I don't know half of them or the ones I do know, I never see so it makes for awkward conversation! We are having our family reunion on my dad's side at the end of this month....maybe we'll be fashionably late too :) Cute outfit!!


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