Wednesday, August 22, 2012

where our identity is.

into the word wednesday.
well - since i've been a complete failure at the latest and greatest she reads truth series. i am not able to talk on that.
but what i can share with you today is this week's memory verse we've been memorizing with some wonderful ladies :)

'but you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellence of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light." 1 peter 2:9

so let's look at this in two sections..

look at these truths:
- you are a chosen race. the Lord has chose you to be part of his family line. i need this reminder to sink in deep for me.
he. chose. me. [and you :)]
- a royal priesthood. our riches are not found here on earth. our riches will be great reward in heaven. we have been given the ultimate royalties of knowing Christ and the promise of the life to come.
- a holy nation. Christ's death on the cross allows our heavenly father to see us as he sees Christ. yes, we are still sinners by nature, but our Father in heaven no longer sees this in us. to him, we are holy. this is the beauty of the great exchange friends. and believe me - it's beautiful. if you want to know more information on it - [here] is an article from a pastor mr. b and i respect.
- a people for his own possession. we belong to him. he treasures us and it's almost as if we are his precious jewels. God puts so much value on us, even MORE precious than jewels could ever be. oh the love he has for us!

all these blessings are from God. they are all because of the first truth that we have been chosen. since we have been chosen, we are given freely the things to follow. how amazing is it to know that the Lord of the entire universe wants us to be a part of his purpose, plan and life. this continues to go deep for me. it's so humbling and leaves me awestruck.

now.. for the second part of this verse... here is the reason why.

"...that we may proclaim the excellence of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light."

the word that is what shows me the list above is connected to the statement below.

since we experience those truths of being chosen, royal, holy and his possession in God's eyes - are we proclaiming this goodness to others? i can't help but ask myself... am i sharing this beauty i've been given with others so they can experience it too? do i even realize how vast this excellence of Jesus is?

he called me out of darkness.
darkness is the absence of light.
in darkness there is sin, the world, hell, no hope, no life.

he called me out of that into his marvelous light.
his light is the brightest, friends. it's the best light we can experience!

so am i proclaiming it?
i can tell you that i'm not doing it enough..
i saw something yesterday that said 'if you knew you only had 6 months to live.. what would you do?'
i needed to really look inside myself and see.. what would i want to do with those six months? would i want to spend them selfishly? or would i use those last 6 months here proclaiming his light?

honestly, friends..
i would proclaim.
i would travel to far places and proclaim the news of Jesus Christ.
i would proclaim that he is my Savior and longs to be yours too.
i would proclaim that God is so madly in love with his people and wants to experience a relationship with them.
i would proclaim that with the evil and sin in the world... being in a relationship with our heavenly Father is not possible. we have eternal separation from him.
i would proclaim that yes, it's ugly.. but it's not the end!
i would proclaim that he loves us so deeply that he sent his one and only biological son to live and die a horrendous death for us so that we CAN be in that relationship with him and have eternal life!
i would proclaim and remind you that he did it for you and me! he did it for us! not for himself!
i would proclaim that after dying and being buried for three days he rose!
i would proclaim that he then appeared to his friends in his actual physical body with scars of his beatings.
i would proclaim that after a while we went to be with his Father in heaven.
i would proclaim that that is not the end. he is coming back, friends! he is coming back!!
this is the gospel. the good news of Jesus.
as much as seeing all of europe before my life is over sounds so wonderful..
i would proclaim the gospel.

this is a photo i took yesterday.. it shows the memory verse i wrote out on the right and on the left is a note one of my dearest friends brought me when she surprised me at work. if you look... they are the same verse! she was praying for the Lord to reveal scripture to encourage me in.. and the Lord showed her the same verse i had already been dwelling on.

how good is he?
Tales of Beauty for Ashes


  1. He is soooo good! I like "In the Word Wednesday"! clever :)

  2. Love it love it love it!!!!!!! We are CALLED! How comforting IS it to know hey...this isn't all there is? We are CALLED to a new life WITH HIM!!


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