Tuesday, July 24, 2012

what's left of the trip...

so.. i wrote my friday letter's [here] last week and asked for my camera to be safe. man it's a good thing i didn't bring my side kick canon t1i on the river - i would probably still be in my room crying and refusing to ever come out again. but instead it was just my good ol' kodak with a whopping 5 mega pixels that was on it's last leg anyways. she didn't go swimming.. but somehow she still got lots and lots of liquid on and in her and now she's toast. my sd card is even donezo.. :(

so... what else does this mean? well.. it means the photos i had from the trip are also toast. all i have is my instagram photos that were taken and then all uploaded at once because i didn't have service until we left. my apologizes for those who follow me and got a butt load of photos within minutes.

here are the photos i do still have from the trip and am able to share :)

so that's all i have for that.. but we sure did have a lot of fun!
it was so awesome to get away and relax and not have to worry about anything. i didn't even have my phone turned on after we took the picture on the trailer with the floats all the way to this last photo we got of everyone on our way home.
saturday we floated down the river up at my dad's property. the first plan was a three hour float. well - we decided we wanted to do the five hour float. from there.. the float ended up being six hours and we still didn't make it to our destination. we pulled out of the river an hour early but an hour later than we were expecting? it was a blast though. we met some fun people along the way including a crazy bachelor party. we fell off our tubes [more than once]. we got bombarded by a party on land with water balloons. mr. a [my brother-in-law] got out and walked for a while in the river [it's really low right now because of the lack of rain and so much hottness]. well.. we didn't know where he went until we found him up in a tree over the river. well - he ended up crashing with a branch and landed right in his boat! it was hilarious and perfect all at the same time! we all laughed :)

hope you had an awesome weekend like ours! now it's back to work.. and everything else that comes with it.

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  1. awh.. it looks like you all had so much fun!!! I have never floated down a river before. hehe. I am impressed that you went for as long as you did! hehe. (:


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