Sunday, July 15, 2012

too busy?.

i love weekends. i LIVE for them - well, no.. i live for Jesus - but weekends are a huge bonus! especially the weekends that i don't have to work :)

sometimes it can be hard because i really like to relax and chill on weekends [sometimes - once in a while i will get the itch to go be adventurous]. i think this is because my weeks are just so busy.. all you mom's out there are probably laughing at me because we don't have any kiddos or even animals, but this season of our lives is just busy. 

this is what my week looks like...

monday - wake up around 6:30, have a quiet time/get ready, work: which consumes my time from 7:15-5:30 [including commute], come home: me time from 6-7 while mr. b is still at work. prepare dinner for us and have it ready when he gets home. spend some time together - usually watching the bachelor/bachelorette. go to bed at 10/10:30
tuesday - wake up around 6:30, have a quiet time/get ready, work: 7:15-5:30, come home: change clothes/shoes [sometimes there isn't even enough time for this!] jump back into car and go to dinner with mr. b, my dad, grandma and brother. come home from that and get house organized/picked up and head to bed at 10/10:30.
wednesday -  wake up around 6:30, have a quiet time/get ready, work: 7:15-6:30 [i work later on wednesday nights; which then makes my commute even longer because of traffic], come home: date night with mr. b :) i LOVE my wednesday date nights with him! go to bed.
thursday -  wake up around 6:30, have a quiet time/get ready, work: 7-5:30, come home: make dinner SUPER fast and then head out to our bible study from 7-9 or 9:30. come home, go to bed at 10/10:30.
friday -  wake up around 6:30, have a quiet time/get ready, work: 7:15-5:30, come home: and have a drink. hah but no really.. i do like having an ice cold beer or glass of wine when i get home on friday nights from work - it's a wonderful kick off to my weekend :). relax or meet up with friends. go to bed later like.. midnight
saturday - wake up around 8, have a quiet time, and do whatever plans we have for the day/clean up house. go to bed around 11 or 12.
saturday - wake up around 7, have a quiet time/get ready, work 8:15-1, come home and do whatever for the rest of the day/clean up house. go to bed around 11 or 12.
sunday - wake up around 8, get ready and head to church, come home and make lunch and do whatever else we have planned for the day. prepare for the week. go to bed around 10/10:30 and start it all over again for monday.

so that's what life looks like right now - there is obviously more stuff going on throughout the week too [blogging, sex, emails, photography, photo editing, sex, yard work, crafting, going to the bathroom, pinterest, more sex [hey - i'm a newlywed.. what can i say??] decorating.. and then re-decorating] - but this stuff is like our 'scheduled' stuff.

lately i haven't even been very good at waking up on time or going to bed on time.. it looks more like wake up at 7:00, brush teeth and run out the door! and then makes for a longer night since i didn't take my time in the morning. but this week i am challenging myself to wake up BY 6:30 so i have that extra 1/2 hour in the morning so i'm not rushing out the door. so far i have done a decent job with it! [friday], and i'm really wanting to get into the habit of it every morning.

this afternoon i was on pinterest and saw this...
it struck a super deep cord in me.. last week and the week before that, i woke up very late every morning [it's a good thing i don't wash my hair every day and sometimes shower at night] and don't think i even opened my bible except for when we were at bible study thursday night. i pray before meals, before i fall asleep and usually throughout my day i will say small prayers, or if someone asks for specific prayers i will also do that. what i haven't done and never really have.. is pray for long periods of time each day. i will sometimes shut my radio off on my commute to work and pray as i'm driving - but then i get distracted SO quickly and find myself thinking about other things, turning my radio back on, looking to see if i have any new texts - tweets - emails, or even start calling someone.

so once i saw this and realized i have been making myself way too busy to even just sit in the presence of my Savior i am drawn to surrender again. surrender my life, my busyness, my schedule, and cut out some things i want to do in order to make time for what i long to do. i always think once the week is done - wow.. my week could have gone MUCH smoother, more positive, more joy-filled and fruitful had i been in the word and in prayer. and then i tell myself next week - i will do it. and then i fail again. man.. it's a good thing God is a God of grace, isn't it? i fail a lot.. we all do - but that is one of the most amazing things is that his love never fails and never ends, right along with his grace and forgiveness. beautiful thing right there!

i am so excited to see how God will shape me and mold me as i grow during this #shereadstruth [i will hear you] prayer study!! :)

well - i'm off to prepare for the week and relax for a little bit longer before bed :)

blessings to you and your sunday evening!



  1. I love that quote! It really does strike a nerve! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh that quote is soo wonderfully convicting! hehe. So true!
    Thanks for sharing.

    I need to keep that in mind... being a stay at home wife right now.. I am not as busy as when I was working.. but I still fill in my time with other stuff. We pray before meals and before bed too.. but I want to sit and really PRAY.

    Also.. i LOVE that you put sex in that list of other things. haha. here here.
    When did you get married?

    Last night before bed my hubby said something that struck a chord in me. He said that when we get to heaven all we will do is praise God and glorify Him... if we do not want to do it now.. why do you WANT to go to heaven. oohh ya. Made me think and evaluate my life. haha.

    Happy Monday!

  3. This is a great post! I've been looking at my days and making time for prayer and Bible study. It changes things, but requires some rearranging that, sadly, doesn't always get done.


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