Friday, July 13, 2012

friday the thirteenth.

yay for friday's! i am super excited for this friday because we have lots of fun things planned for the weekend! sometimes my boss likes to do random things.. like have hawaiian day 3 weeks in a row because we fail to dress up every time. well not this time.. it's hawaiian day today! [i totally didn't dress up for it either.. all my hawaiian grub is at my mom's house packed away somewhere with all my other fun costumes]. oh well - maybe we'll make it 4 weeks in a row :)

i am so excited for everyone that joined in with the meet and tweet yesterday! the link is still open and we are SOOOOO close to 200 people!! that is super exciting! laura at [our reflection] is going to give away a FREE large ad space to one lucky lady if we hit 200 - feel the excitement and link up my friends!

here's to you - friday the thirteenth - and friday's letters.

dear friday the thirteenth - you really don't scare me. i'm not superstitious. everyone freaks out when you show up thinking something bad will happen. if it does - it's life, bad things happen every day.. so should every day be friday the thirteenth? friday.. yes.. the thirteenth.. not so much. :) dear mr. b - you are too silly. i can't believe i was up before you this morning! then again.. yes i can.. you stayed up way too late watching your crazy 'satruday morning cartoons' and it wasn't even saturday.. and they aren't even cartoons??? i don't understand.. but they speak so much truth to you, so i'm game for your saturday morning cartoon craze. dear work commute - to simply put it.. you suck. you are 26miles and it takes me 40+ minutes AND i drive fast.. but you just don't add up. and to top things off.. you had to add another one of these??
do you realize i am now up to 18 of you? 18 is my favorite number.. but not when it comes to you! and did you also realize the first 16 are within my first 5 miles? as if you weren't bad enough.. the one thing that makes you even worse is that NONE of you are in sync. why can't you just allow traffic to go with the flow? <-- this is one of my biggest pet peves - remember how i was saying about that one time i did a vlog.. but then couldn't upload it? yup.. this was my answer to what is your biggest pet peve. dear [#shereadstruth] - i am so so so thankful i stumbled upon you. i found you just in time for your new study on prayer and it's been a blessing so far! [it's only day 2!] :) --side note plug in.. if you haven't heard of this and want to be encouraged daily by lots of other women while diving into scripture, check it out [here]!]
i have been really enjoying this study on prayer - especially because this is one of the largest areas i want to grow in with my walk - i long for a heart of prayer. dear meet and tweet hop - so much fun! i really enjoyed co-hosting you! :) it was a blast meeting SO many new people and gaining lots of new followers to connect with!



  1. I have just stumbled upon SheReadsTruth as well, and am excited to start it :) Love your blog. You're beautiful!

  2. eeww... commutes do not sound fun. Where do you work? Sounds fun though! hehe.

    I love the SheReadsTruth community. Also.. i added you on twitter... and instagram. hehe. (:

    Happy Friday.... the 13th. (;


  3. I do NOT miss the commute AT ALL! Good thing about being home! Traffic stinks here too! And girl I really think i need to check out this #shereadstruth thing I keep hearing about!!!!

  4. oh I hear ya on the work commute. my little crappy car can barely make it anymore!
    happy friday friend!

  5. You'll have to show me shereadtruth tomorrow! I'd love joining you in reading through things!

    1. i hope you're enjoying the study! :) it's been such a blessing! can't wait to talk and discuss it soon too!! love you girl!


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