Wednesday, July 18, 2012

have you ever noticed that the word testimony spells out test-im-on but with a y on the end?

it's so amazing how each of us all have our own testimonies. our own stories. no two stories are a like. we have our 'main' testimony i will call it.. of how we met the Lord and who we were before Christ's redemption and who we are after experiencing the love and sacrifice he gave so freely for us. there are other smaller testimonies we have when we go through difficult times like losing a loved one, divorce, sin struggles, unemployment/job loss.. etc. there are even testimonies of God's faithfulness and the good things that happen.

i have been reflecting on my story this week. the story that God is writing for me. i've been looking at the big picture of who i was, where i was.. and how far i've come by the power and saving grace of Jesus. i don't reflect on this enough. sometimes it's hard to look at my past and almost 're-live' those moments i'm not proud of.. the moments of hurt, struggle, confusion, abuse, pain, loneliness, and sin.
don't get me wrong.. i still do sin, but this time it's different. i no longer sin willingly or intentionally. my sin is now backed up by conviction and frustration. my sin now isn't fun, it isn't beneficial [well.. it never was to begin with]. now.. my sin something i repent of and pray that i would no longer do. 

i pray that someday i am able to share my full story with you. and i pray that when i do.. God would be glorified and Christ's name would shine above all. he deserves all the credit for who i am today. i am not the same. i am forever changed.

i don't thank Him enough for loving me freely, living a sinless life and dying for my sinful life, and securing me to have eternal life with him forever.

so i continue to sit, reflect, pray and seek Jesus more for who i am today and saving me from the chains i was once enslaved to. 

thank you, Jesus. thank you.


i'm linking up with kelly at [the houtz house party] for into the word wednesday


  1. Wow, I have never caught that! Very cool.

  2. Oh girl, that is good!! preach it!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to the full story one day!

    SO glad you linked up with us this week!

  5. This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing =D I just found your blog & love it!
    Your newest follower,


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