Thursday, July 19, 2012

speed date round two.

alright.. so that sounds bad huh? no worries. i love mr. b dearly and don't ever, ever, EVER want to date another man. i wouldn't even want to speed date to date. this speed dating is for bloggers - safe and fun! it's a great way to meet new bloggie friends and get to know each other in a speedy time frame [although i would prefer getting to know each other over a pot cup of coffee :)]

the reason i am saying round two is because i have done this one other time already - if you wanna date me round one style - you can [here]

it was fun! so much fun i'm doing it again today!! come link up with nicole from our crazy beautiful.

but i am doing it kind of hybrid style.. i have seen these 'if you really knew me...' posts and thought - awesome! i'm totally doing that :) so here i am.. doing it. ha

if you really knew me... you would know that....

- i'm 'allergic' to anything acidic and citrus. i call it 'allergic' because i have reactions to it all.. but it doesn't stop me from enjoying all the delicious foods.

- i hate cats. like.. really, really hate cats. they creep me out. i am totally a dog person. but the more i think about it.. the more i'm okay with not having any pets. makes more room in the budget for more babies ;)

- i am OCD about having all the light switches facing the same direction when all the lights are out. i will purposely walk back to other switches just so they are all facing down.

- i have never liked my voice. i used to get teased about it in middle school because my voice is raspy and deep. school kids would tell me i should have been born a boy. and some older men told me it's sexy. i don't understand.. but i'm living with it.

- i don't wash my hair every day. it's really not good for your hair anyways.. i can usually make it 3 days before having to wash it again.. and sometimes i will use baby powder on my bangs. weird, but it works.

- i have never used or even started a lawn mower, leaf blower, weed-wacker.. or any of the sort. and if you really knew me.. you would know i never plan on learning how either. good thing mr. b loves that stuff!

- i am nervous to share my testimony tonight in front of my bible study.. it scares me to open up that much about my life to people i don't know very well.

- i am really struggling with finding other women Christ followers to build friendships with. all of my amazing and wonderful friends live 40+ minutes away and it's been really hard on me, especially during my first year of marriage.

- i am a first impression introvert, but really i am an extravert. i am really goofy and silly around people i'm super comfortable with. if i get that way around you.. feel special - because the older i get, the more shy i get.. how is this possible???

- i am full of ideas, desires and dreams, but fearful that if i pursue them i'll either get laughed at, denied, or won't be good enough at it. or that it's not what the Lord is even calling me to..

- i am a follower of Christ and my relationship with him is my top priority over all else.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony last night at bible study. You are one amazing lady. I look forward to getting to know you better. - Allison

  2. awh.. I think we all have the fear of failure in some way or another.
    I didn't want a pet either until now. haha. I am worried I won't love her as much when we get pregnant (that is probably terrible, huh? well deep down I was never a pet person haha).
    I will be your friend! I know its not the same.. but I understand the feeling. Moving to Alabama has taken all my friends a trillion (exaggeration) miles away! I only have ONE friend here. lol.
    Holla for not washing your hair everyday!

    its fun getting to know each other more.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry that it hasn't been easy for you to make solid Christian friends that live close to you. I completely understand that - my first year of marriage was quite similar! I'll be praying for you that God brings someone awesome into your life!

  4. Thanks for linking up! I get exactly what you mean about making solid Christian friendships. While we have been married for a while I am having a hard time with that as a new parent. I really think that blogging and meeting other Christian women I could relate to saved me from a breakdown!! xo


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