Friday, July 20, 2012

freedom friday.

i am so excited it's friday. to be honest, yesterday sucked. it was horrible and i am SO thankful for new days and refreshing starts!

i had the day off of work.. so i treated myself to some delicious coffee - usually we make it at home, but today i needed to spoil myself :)
i don't usually even go to starbucks - a couple years ago they made me really mad for quote they produced on a cup, but that's another story.. i actually prefer a coffee shop that started in the state i live in. it's starting to spread to other states now.. and next month there is a location opening in my city!!! i am SO excited!! :)

i had today off work because i'm getting ready for a mini weekend vacation with mr. b and some fabulous friends! :) don't worry though.. i have a wonderful lady to introduce you all to tomorrow - so even though i'm not here.. you'll still want to meet her, i promise!

dear weekend - i am so ready for you and you better be ready for me too! i'm all packed up, got the goodies ready, stomach prepared for unhealthy cooking, lungs ready for laughter and an attitude ready for a good time! :) dear mr. b - i am so thankful you are there to just listen and sit with me when i need to vent. i am so thankful for your wisdom and caring heart to lift me up when others knock me down. thank you for always pointing me to Christ!! i could never imagine my life without you. dear camera - i am bringing you on this trip.. but please oh please promise me you won't get wet, ruined, broke, or lost. you are my side kick and i need you to document all the fun we're about to have and then bring it home so i can show all my friends here :) dear roots family - thank you for loving me, for accepting me and for walking through scriptures with me. it's such a joy to be a part of your group and bible study :) i am so appreciative for each one of you. dear mom - please quit buying all these really cute clothes and shoes. you're making me way too jealous and you're tempting me to sneak over to your house while you're at work to steal them. if you see any of your clothes or shoes missing... it's not me ;) dear rain - thank you, thank you, thank you! you came!!! it was soooo enjoyable to have you! soon our grass wont be crispy anymore and we can have some luscious greenery back [maybe...i think we might actually need another 6 days full of you to even consider having our plants and grass come back to life]. and please don't ever leave for that long again. thanks :) dear bachelorette season finale - could you please pick my guy for the win? i'm anxious to watch you and might not make it home in time.. so if you could please remember to record yourself this time that would be fabulous as well!



  1. Found you thru the Link Up!
    I hope you have a great weekend, sounds like you have a lot of fun planned...
    Love that shot of your coffee..Looks super yummy. I think I might have to stop in at Starbucks tomorrow morning for some Yummyness!

  2. Great letters! I hope your weekend more than makes up for your week!

  3. Visiting from the Link-Up! And to be honest, I clicked on your name because you had a starbucks coffee as a picture! I'm really tempted to ask you what quote they had on their cup, but I still really like them and am scared to know! I enjoyed reading your letters though and I hope you have A LOT of fun this weekend!

  4. Everyone needs to spoil themselves every once in a while :) Thank goodness for Mr. B's in this world ;)


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