Saturday, July 28, 2012

one hundredth post and then some.

yay! i am so excited! today is my 100th post!! well.. if you are counting the posts that i have from when this blog started from my school project a couple years ago.
but either way,
it's 100! :)

i'm sorry i don't have anything fun to giveaway for it.. but i will let you in on a little secret,
when i reach the big 100 readers [people that i pray are encouraged by my blog] there will be a fun little giveaway :).
but until it's a fun little celebration for me!!

on another random note.. do you all have dreams? when you dream.. do you remember them? are they crazy?
i have been having some crazy dreams lately. like, dreams that i remember LOTS of detail about.
the other night i dreamed about this 'perfect' house i really really wanted us to get. it didn't have any bedrooms [at least in my dream i didn't look at any of them], but it had two,
yes two kitchens.
one was an 'off the deck' kitchen and the other one was a main kitchen. so of course, the interior designer/architect in me started all these ideas and plans of how i would make it our home. i even remembered the prices of the home in my dream too and what people had offered. like.. to the dollar people.
weird? i know.
my husband thinks it's crazy. he barely remembers if he even had a dream let alone the entirety of it.

and then last night.. i had another dream. again, weird.. but someone attacked me with a bottle of frebreze. not pepper spray..
in the bathroom while on the toilet, over the stall.
it was a co-ed bathroom because we were in europe [i don't even know if they have co-ed bathrooms??],
we were on some crazy race, kinda like amazing race.
and then i got a nose bleed from the frebreze.
i didn't end up getting to pee because i was attacked.
and then i woke up and had to pee really really really bad. maybe had i not been attacked i would have peed the bed?
good thing for frebreze attacks!

well.. that's all i have for today.
enjoy your saturday! it's beauitful here - although i'm stuck behind a desk at the moment..
ps.. i'm doing to that antique market again tomorrow!! hoping i find some more beauties like [this] one i mentioned in my friday's letters.
pss. or is it pps? monday.. i have a fun surprise! make sure to stop by because i know you'll enjoy it too!!


  1. I always dream! and I almost always remember them too... I have had some crazy ones! haha :) Loving your blog and this post.

    my GFC is being weird, but it let me follow your GFC through my twitter account, who knew you could that?! I didn't!

  2. way to go, girl!! 100 posts is awesome :)
    have a blessed weekend xoxo

  3. I hardly remember my dreams anymore. I almost peed my pants reading about your frebreeze dream! xo

  4. your dreams are HILARIOUS!!! and at least you would have smelled good after your attack. (;
    Lately I have been having super detailed dreams too! Which is strange because I am more like your husband -- I never remember my dreams. But lately I wake up and can remember like all the details.. and they have been STRANGE!

  5. OH!!! and good job on 100 posts!!!! (: (:


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