Friday, July 27, 2012

friday.. you're uaully my favorite, not today.

wahhooo for another friday! i just love friday's - except... this friday isn't the greatest, only because i have to work tomorrow. boo. we work saturdays in rotations.. and this one happens to be mine. bummer dude. i worked two satrudays this month. oh well. it's still allllmost the weekend!

dear weekend - i am sad you're not a true weekend for me. working on saturday's is no fun.. i am literally driving on the road for almost the amount of time i'm at work. lame sauce for sure. so now i'm going to miss out on lots of you. dear target - man you've been awesome! i am digging my new shoes you gave me. i would also appreciate it if you could give me a couple new sweet swimsuits at low cost :) it's almost the end of the season.. you must have some clearance items now, right?
dear Jesus - i love you! i was blown away this weekend when i read john 17 and you affirmed that you pray for me. how amazing is that? thank you for being a prayer warrior of mine! :)
dear blog design - be prepared to be changed and to become awesome! i am so excited to put a little investment into you and make you more beautiful than ever! i'm still trying to figure out what 'style' i want to make you.. but i know you'll thank me when i'm all done!! dear garden - wow! you are bearing veggies and fruit like you wouldn't believe! i love the tomatoes so much i eat them before i get back in the house! and your peppers.. i have a feeling they're going to be too hot for me, but mr. b will be in heaven! now only if you would produce the squash.. i'm still waiting for that.
dear mr. b - thank you for all your sweet words and encouragement this week. you are so kind to me and you make me fall more in love with you each day! i do appreciate you sharing your heart with me at night while laying in bed, but please oh please.. can we talk at like.. dinner about this. cause those late nights are killing me in the morning! literally.

happy friday all!



  1. what a cute blog wow! You should stop by our blog hop today and show off your cute blog on our blog hop! Come and check it out!

  2. LOVE! I'm excited to see your new blog design! I've been thinking about changing mine too! And love your foot tattoo. Foot tattoos are my fave. What does yours say? Is there a post about this that I missed??

  3. Love John 17 so cool thanks for sharing!!! I'm loooooving our cherry tomatoes. Have a great weekend :)

  4. Oh!!! I love that you and Mr. B talk at night!! soo sweet.. but I bet its hard in the morning. hehe.
    I am thinking I need to do a garden -- you are inspiring me!
    I adore that verse!!! Soo good and yumminess to my soul
    Have a good Saturday at work!

  5. I love those tomatos!I'd like to have it on my own garden one day

  6. Love your letter to our Jesus! :) He continues to amaze me!

    I agree with Amy... LOVE your foot tattoo! It's absolutely adorable and I'm sure it's meaningful to you!

    And your letter to Mr. B... Call me a hopeless romantic, but that is SO, SO sweet. :) Made me smile!

    Have a fab weekend girly!


  7. I love those letters - very sweet! I am excited to read more of your blog!


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