Monday, July 30, 2012

MENU monday. link up!

happy monday everyone!

i am SO excited to do this new link up! i am totally new to it.. so i hope i'm doing it right. :) if not.. someone please tell me so i can get it fixed a-sap.
i decided to do this link-up after wonderful feedback that others would link up and enjoy it too!

here is my heart behind it..
i love love love sharing new recipes with you. and i figured - i LOVE getting other peoples recipes too. but sometimes hard get recipes from other blogs and remember which blogs i found them at when the time comes to make them. well, with this fun link up - we will have every one's recipes in one location AND we can refer back to them even months later! :) also - everything i make isn't something everyone else is always interested in.. sometimes there are people with food allergies, others that are vegetarians, or vegans.. so different recipes will be helpful for different people. fun stuff huh? AND we can do this all while meeting new wonderful people! i'm excited!

the other great thing about this is for meal planning [shout out to all my organized planner people out there! woot woot!!!]. how fun is it to be able to have lots of new recipes so we can start meal planning and prepare those grocery lists of the items we'll need.
syncing my meal planning and grocery shopping is one thing i've started doing since married and let me tell you - it's glorious! i never end up screwed in the middle of a craving to make something and not have the correct ingredients on hand. and it helps me out because mr. b can see what we're having each day and start prepping some of it before i get home! [let's give that another woot woot!!]

alright, alright - enough blabbering. come link up your recipes, share the link up with others and let's start cooking! :)
ps.. i'm still deciding if i will do a link up each week or every other week.. feel free to share your opinions :) [i will still have my MENU monday. each monday even if there isn't a link up]

here is my MENU monday recipe. i'm excited to see yours too! :)
cold italian pasta salad
found: made up as i went from memory of classic recipe
makes: 2 lbs
time: 20 minutes

1 green pepper
1 small red onion
1 cucumber
3 green onions
1 package of grape tomatoes
1 can of black olives sliced
1 box of cooked rigatoni pasta
3/4 bottle of italian dressing [you could make this homemade too, but i didn't have time :)]
1 cup pepperoni [you can use more you less depending on how you like it :)]
1 cup parmesan cheese and romano cheese combined.

1. put a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil. once boiling, add in pasta.
2. cut up the green pepper, red onion, cucumber, pepperoni, green onions and tomatoes into pieces. put all in a large bowl.
3. drain the black olives and add to the bowl.
4. drain pasta and put into bowl. mix everything together.
5. put italian dressing and cheese in bowl and mix everything together
6. cool in refrigerator before serving.
before you link up - i have a few requests
- please follow my blog
- link up your just your blog post, not your entire blog.
- make sure you grab a button or link back to this post so if people are coming from your blog they can see everyone else's link up's here too.
i am also considering have co-hosts at some point! if you're interested, email me for more info at onefourthreeblog[at]gmail[dot]com.!



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