Saturday, July 21, 2012

i adore my bloggie friends.

good morning friends!! i am so super excited to introduce you to a precious sister in Christ!

i am on a weekend vacation [that is MUCH needed right now] with some fabulous friends of ours! don't worry, i will let you all know how much fun we are having through twitter, instagram and blog posts to come. :)

until then, here is the lovely monica!! 


Hello 'one43' lovelies!!
I am so excited to introduce myself to all of Jennifer's follower/friends. She is a total sweetheart and a joy to get to know better. (:

I am Monica, the girl behind Captivated By Love.
I have a passionate adoration for the Lord. I am a self-proclaimed romantic. I always try to find the beauty in life. I fall in love with my husband every single day. I love my tea sweet but I am California-raised. I think I laugh TOO much, which is what happens when you have joy (joy joy joy) down in your heart. I am a relationalist and a textaholic. (I don't think those are words.. oh well)

 I love to blog about things that inspire me and captivate my attention. I am on this journey as a new wife and discovering more and more of who I am. I would love for you to stop by and hopefully make you smile. (:
 ♥ Monica

 some PINTERESTing loveliness


now go show her some love because she is just one of the most sweetest people i've ever met!! i adore her and i know you will too! :)

happy happy saturday and happy happy weekend!!


  1. Can't wait to go check out her blog!

  2. Jennifer - you are to totally sweet and make me blush a little. hehe. (: Hope the vacation is going good!


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