Tuesday, July 10, 2012

guilty pleasure.

so.. a couple weeks ago i attempted to join in on a vlog and had my video ready and everything.. well when i went to upload the stupid thing i couldn't get it to work.. so i missed out on that opportunity. but that is my homework until the next one.. figure out how in the sam sixty you get those things to upload or maybe i have to record them in a different program? i don't like recording it directly in youtube becuase the voice doesn't line up.. you talk much faster than when it speaks. and that delay drives me crazy! anyways.. the reason i tell this little background information is because one of the questions was 'what is your guilty pleasure?'.

well my guilty pleasure is the bachelor/bachelorette. i know it was the same answer for lots of you too. it's just so good to not watch. i main reason i like to watch it is becuase i like to guess from the very first night who they will pick! it's so fun to see how close i am - and i will tell you this.. i have been right EVERY season i've watched [which is like.. almost every season.. i know, i know.. talk about obsessed] except THREE times. can you believe it.. three!

the three seasons i was wrong..

- vienna [from jake's season.. she should have gone home the first night of her season]
- roberto [from ali's season.. i didn't realize how much she liked her men in short shorts.. or maybe she didn't end up liking it.. after all - they are no longer together]
- courtney [from ben's seaon.. oh my word - what a crazy girl.. we'll see how that goes..]

but for all 3 of these people i was wrong for.. my guess WAS the runner up - i've probably watched the last 11 seasons at least from what i just counted. so right now i'm 73%.

mr. b watches this with me too - we like to guess together. :)

i will also let you know that our choice IS in the final two - which is very exciting! haha

but i know lots and lots of you were thinking sean was going to win. i was seriously jaw dropped when he left last night. so was mr. b! he thought sean would win after the last couple episodes! wowsa - i thought our choice was going to go before sean would. we're still routing for the same guy from night one though!

we'll see who she chooses..

here's who we chose :)
who do you think she'll choose? do you think we're right?



  1. Ahhh!! last night's episode has been bothering me all day. I really thought she would pick Sean. But I agree with your pick, of the two I think she should pick Jef.

    1. i know! that's what so many people thought! i was seriously thinking Jef was going home.. i was closing my eyes and i will admit.. i shouted out a little 'woot woot' when i heard him get the first rose! :)

  2. well, if you're gonna do a vlog, that means I better too.
    don't hold your breath though.

  3. Replies
    1. thank you thank you!! :) :) i worked things around to get it all right.. but some things didn't work properly ;) someday i will have a new one i hope! but for now.. it's fun and free! ha!


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