Saturday, July 7, 2012


so as some of you know i went to school for interior design.. i didn't end up with my degree in that.. i was like between 1/2-1 year away from finishing. sometimes i think i'm crazy for not finishing. i still think the change i made at that time was the right thing for me. none the less.. my passion for interior design is still there. if you want to know more about me you can look back at [this] post.

i have always said if some day i can design and decorate my own home, that would be worth all the schooling and debt the program brought me into. [it's an expensive program... let me tell you!]. the house mr. b and i are in right now is definitely not our final home.. this morning was a pain trying to get ready when we only have 1 bathroom and too many people. but it's been fun trying to make things our own in this home.

you can see [here] where i updated the bathroom and i promise the walls are not that bright. one of the photos just about blinded me.. it's bright.. but definitely not like the photos.

i even attempted to create a [craft room] out of a scary basement area.. that is STILL a work in progress - like most of my crafts are.. who am i kidding.. that's my life - a constate work in progess!

our home is very very very small.. it's a perfect beginner home though.. [this] is the big change i made to the dining area and then i added [this] farm table just a couple weeks ago!

if you look at one thing that i haven't done yet.. [other than in one spot in the bathroom] there is no art work! i have nothing on the walls in our home! it's horrible. i am so scared to hang things up.. why? becuase i change my mind often. i like to keep things fresh and move stuff around. i know i will be so much happier with the home if i just hang things up.

so recently i made a bold move.. you know what groupon is right? well i found a groupon for canvas photos of all different sizes. the biggest size [24"x36"] was the biggest bang for my buck. have i ever mentioned that i am dutch? i like saving as much as possible. and i thought i would make a bold statement with them.

well - i waited until the VERY last minute to place my order and the pictures i really really wanted were either too big of a file for they didn't crop right. so i was nervous. found some wedding photos that would fit and placed the order. i was seriously so nervous how they would turn out.. i've been waiting for over a week and they arrived last night!! friends, i couldn't be MORE happy with how they turned out! seriously!!!!
here they are before i hung them up.. and here is after!
and they are SUCH great quality too!!!! i should take a photo of our entire living room with them so you can see how great they look and how they just make this room pop! :) i was so excited i called my mom and made her come over with her friends to check them out!! :)

i posted these photos on instagram and facebook last night and have gotten lots of questions about them so here is the deets:
- i found them through groupon
- the company is called picture it on canvas
- i have seen this deal a total of 3 times [the first time i missed the deadline and was so upset, but then i saw it again and made sure to purchase them :). and then it was there again just recently actually..]
- you can only get one per person - another great bonus from being married ;) now i can use 2 people for every time there's an offer out there.

if you have any other questions you can comment or email me at onefourthreeblog[at]gmail[dot]com!

hope you all have a wonderful saturday :)

- jennifer.


  1. They look great! I love big canvas prints--the only reason I haven't got one yet is the price! It's great that you found a good deal!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you so much! i can't reply to any of your emails :( so i am replying here for them all! i just noticed this after trying to respond to like.. lots of comments from non-reply comments!

  3. So.. pretty much i ADORE your house!! I would love for you to decorate my house!!! hehe. (:


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