Friday, July 6, 2012

official friday.

how was your fourth? festive filled or a relaxing vacation day?
this middle of the week holiday stuff really throws me off schedule.. you too? especially because we got two days off work because my boss rocks that much! no... actually it's because we forced him to do it... alright i lied again.. it's because we just.. do.

so with that.. it would have been like tuesday was my friday.. having wednesday and thursday off.. but now here i am back in the office [yes, doing my friday letter's before everyone else gets to work :). shhh don't tell him that either...] AND to make things even more crazy.. i have to work tomorrow too! so does that like make this into a thursday again? ugh... i clearly didn't think this through well enough when planning our work schedule.. i could have gotten myself a 5 day weekend!! but don't worry.. i'll make up for it come labor day ;).

so with all of that being said..

dear official friday - you kind of suck.. but you're still friday.. so you're also still awesome. although having to work tomorrow, does make you still suck just a little more than your awesomeness. right now, the best thing about you is that i get to wear jeans and sandals! :) i love casual fridays! dear weather and heat - can you please be kinder to my husband? he comes home drenched in sweat and exhausted.. you're being too hard on him when he doesn't have air conditioning at work and it's 100+ degrees in there with no breeze. dear mr. b - i have had so much fun with you this week! we've been doing a lot of traveling.. but it's never a dull moment! :) thank you for serving me so well. i couldn't ask for a better husband! dear to-do list - holy crapola... you just keep getting bigger and bigger! i don't have enough hours in my day to accomplish everything you're demanding. i am a full time working woman.. do you not realize this?? even when i have days off, i still don't even get all your little specifics done. i'm getting tempted to hire someone to help - but then again, i would rather hire someone to work my full time crazy job for me first ;) dear Jesus - you rock! you are my true joy and passion. i am so grateful to know you and walk this journey of life with you. i praise you for being completely sinless although tempted and faithful although ridiculed. i continue to pray to be more like you each day - you are the example i will follow.

- jennifer.


  1. stopping by from friday letters! i LOVE the picture! so cute! and adorable headband! i feel ya on the to do list...i cant even look at mine right now! ahhh! happy friday! xo Kelly

  2. I love your teal and red combo in that picture!

    and I agree with the weather and's just too much lately!

    1. it is.. i just found out and needed to correct myself - it's been over 6 weeks without rain.. or like.. more than just a couple drops.. and it's been 18 days without ANY rain in sight. gah! but at least it was in the 80s today :) much much cooler!


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