Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tuesday dinners.

photo of me and my grandma on my wedding day [09.10.11]

i am very thankful for grand parents! they are such a joy and blessing! i only have one grandma still alive [mr. b has both sets of grandparents still living!! they are soo super sweet too!!! :)]. i have to most wonderful opportunity to visit with her every tuesday evening for dinner :)

since my parents divorce every tuesday my dad would take my brother and i out to dinner with my grandma. i have really appreciated being able to spend this time with her since i don't get to see the rest of the grandparents very often. while i was in college i was living out of town and missed those tuesday nights. now that i'm back in my hometown i have started going again and mr. b comes too!

it's been especially nice to spend this time with her because as she's getting older, she is slowly starting to lose her memory. this just breaks my heart to see.. she repeats the same thing several times throughout the evening as if it were the first time she shared. it's so hard to watch her be going through these stages.. but a few weeks ago one of my aunt's showed this poem and it was very eye opening! it shares about how when we were children, our parents were patient with us when reading the same stories over and over. they chased us around to make us take a bath. willingly gave us the opportunity to learn new things like eating appropriately, getting dressed by ourselves, tying our shoes. and graciously opened up their hand when we were learning to walk. in some of the same ways when our parents and grand parents get older, we are given the opportunity to return the favor for all the work and effort they put into us and our lives.

it's a blessing to be able to see her face light up when she shares the excitement of going swimming or dutch dancing with family, even if it was the fifth time she tells us. it's a blessing to be able to bring mr. b with us each week so she is able to see him and it helps her remember him too. it's a blessing to spoil her and take her out to dinner and know she greatly appreciates it. tuesday dinners are a blessing!

i look forward to tuesday dinners. i am excited for next week tuesday :)

enjoy your tuesday evening!

- jennifer


  1. I love your blog! This is so sweet! I don't see my grandparents that often, but try to talk with them several times a week. Grandparents are special people!

  2. hi there!! i stumbled over here from 'happy in life, young in love' and omg -sooo glad i did! this is the cutest post and how gorgeous are you!?! omg! love this post. grammas are the shiiitt. ;)
    cant wait to read more!


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