Friday, June 8, 2012

dear friday letters.

fewwww - we made it to friday! i apologize for the abense over the past couple days.. i don't know where they went.. but i am here now so that's all that matters.. right? :)

so this is my first friday letters link up. i'm uber excited to join in and read all the others too!!
dear bangs - welcome back! i've missed you dearly!! it's been way too long since i've seen you last and i was too nervous to trim you myself. dear cheesey picture of myself - i'm sorry i had to do it.. i needed to share the love of my new bangs!! i promise i will have mr. b take them for me from now on :) dear new vitamins - you are kicking my butt! but i like it :) but why must you be so expensive?? we're on a budget here! dear laundry - would you pick yourself up off our floors and shower already? i'm running out of pants and mr. b is running out of work shirts! i guess i'll have to wash you tonight.. but will you fold and put yourself away for me then? dear mr. b - i am so thankful for you! you are the most amazing man God could have every given me! i love you immensely and don't show you that enough. and thanks for the coffee this morning - it was fabulous! :) dear job - why must you take up so much of my time? these long hours are killing me - and the drive.. can't you be a shorter commute??! but i sure am thankful for you anyways! :) dear exercise - can't you just do what you need to do in my sleep? i am already strapped for time and really don't like to workout anyways.. if you could turn up that 'fun' knob.. then i will start to think about you more..

- jennifer



  1. LOL @ this!! i wish my workout could happen in my sleep. it would make things so much happier and efficient around here.

  2. omg you are so cute! i LOVE your bangs! i wish i looked that adorable in bangs! love your adorable blog, signed up to follow!


  3. Your hair looks great! Wish I could pull off bangs :(

    xo Shane


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