Tuesday, June 19, 2012


did you all have a good weekend?

i sure did! the sunshine was wonderful! i got lots of color again too. my front side got lots more sun than my back side - guess that's what happens when you fall asleep in the sun.

i am slightly bummed.. i was in a hurry to pack and i totally forgot to bring my camera.. so i have no fun photos from the weekend :( what a sad week for photos!

how was your father's day? ours was celebrated with my in-laws because my dad was up north - so i'll celebrate with him tonight! :)

here is the fun we had this year and what we decided to do... [this photo is from my phone.. so i apologize]

this was fun and i got the idea from [this] post of father's day ideas i shared. i did ours a little different. we used all sorts of foods with the word 'pop' in them! it's so fun to see how many foods and things have that word in them! for some things i used stickers to put 'our' 'the' 'it's' on the food so it made it more fun like 'our pop rocks'!!

then inside the card i wrote a little story to go with all the different words..

- kool pop for a kool pop ;)
- dynamite pop for the TNT pop-its
- pop secret for all those awesome life secrets pop's got
- air-head pop's for those air-head blonde moments
- blow pops and ring pops for those times when he wants to blow up and wring our necks for the trouble we create
- tootsie pops cause.. he toots a lot ;)
- and pop rocks cause you know.. our pop rocks! :)

he got a kick out of it and so did we!! we used a popcorn bucket to stuff it all into. so now he's got a place for all popcorn and candy while he chillaxs in his chair with his feet up. :)

stay cool out there and drink lots of water! it's a hot and humid one!!
- jennifer


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