Thursday, June 28, 2012

meet and tweet.

it's thrusday! that means it's friday eve! and friday means weekend!! :)

i long for my weekends i tell ya.

it's hot hot hot here today. it's crazy becuase i live on the lakeshore and it's supposed to be like 20 degrees cooler than where i work. talk about heat stroke! i'm thankful for air conditioning - that's for sure! :)

one thing that really keeps me cooler is dresses - i love to live in dresses during the summer. they are so fun even if they are simple and then you can doll them up with lots of fun accessories. i LOVE [accessories]//[shoes]//[bags]! you should check out my pinterest boards for them!

//scarf [marshalls]//bracelets [local bouqtique]//shoes [marshalls]//

i apologize for the washed out face too.. i enlarged it.. and it got all pixelie. whoops!

ALSO! so i joined in on this link up last week and it was a blast! i met so many new bloggie friends - so i decided to link up again!

if you're thinking about it - do it and let me know you've joined so i can meet you too! :)

- jennifer.


thanks so much for reading! i love all your comments and emails - they brighten my day! :) i do read each one and respond too!
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