Tuesday, June 26, 2012

bad luck.

okay.. so i know i don't really have bad luck.. i actually don't even believe in luck. but man oh man i have had some bad experiences with online shopping. 

mr. b called me on his lunch hour - he was at home [yes.. i am very jealous at the fact that his work is so close he can go home for his lunch!] and told me i got a package in the mail! i was super excited because i thought it was my bridesmaid dress i ordered for one of my besties wedding!

when i got home tonight i was looking all over for my package - i finally found it! it was on the counter and it was small. i knew it definitely wasn't my dress and for a quick moment didn't know what it was.. which makes it even more exciting right?? ;)

well then i knew - it was my necklace!! i opened up my package and here it is!!!
doesn't it look fabulous??!

ha. except for one big issue.. 

let me show you again...
now you see? yes.. that is a piece missing.. and i looked through all the millions of layers of bubble wrap.. and it's not there. sad day.. i was excited to wear it tomorrow - but looks like i'll have to put that on hold.

but besides the necklace not coming in one piece.. isn't is fun?! you are probably looking at this necklace thinking.. holy crap - she bought a $150 j crew necklace and it came broke?! ha - let's get real ladies.. i am dutch :) i LOVE the necklace, but not that much. so then i saw another blogger friend who got her necklace as a knock off - so i copied her! it says j crew on it.. but trust me, it is definitely not j crew quality.

so now.. i'm left trying to get another one. i could just find some links and put it together myself.. but have you met me? i am total OCD about things like this. why can't it just come like it's supposed to?

do you ever have problems when shopping online?

- jennifer.

on another note.. i'm feeling MUCH better! thank you all for your kind emails and comments! you all are so loving! i love it! :) i went to sleep last night shortly after 7:30pm! lots of rest for me - it worked


  1. Sad day! I never shop online because I am so paranoid about things like this!

  2. oh man! I say get a link-connector-thingy and mend it up and sport that pretty necklace! No one will know it was messed up but you!

  3. Aww, what a bummer! I hardly buy things online, because I don't have a credit card and I'm not too sure how all of it works...but my husband does on occasion. Sometimes it works out, like when he's bought furniture for my dollhouse, but another time, he bought a light for our car and they sent him the light for the right side instead of the left side that we ordered...the web can be convenient, but it can be annoying too!

  4. awww that seriously stinks. i have been wanting one of the those necklaces for awhile...maybe for my birthday! ;)

    thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comment!

  5. Ahh, your blog is adorable. Excited to read more. New follower. :)

  6. OH WHAT A BUMMER about that necklace!! DOH! And i'm with you! It totally should have come in ONE piece! GRR! :)

  7. Hey I have that necklace! almost same story too! :) my clasp was broke on mine but I complained online and they sent me a new one right away. :)


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