Tuesday, June 12, 2012

get my workout on.

well.. not quite.. i wish i was getting my workout on. instead it's more like the complete opposite. so that is why you wonderful ladies are going to help me! right? right!

i need to figure out something i can do that is enjoyable.. that is just how i am.. if i don't like it or enjoy it.. i don't wanna do it.  

i don't like running and i have really bad joints.. but i do like walking, rollerblading, biking [on [this] awesome ride] and the such.

i would rather work out in the morning. i am a total morning person, but i don't have a ton of time.. i could make it work if i work out at home. 

not going to lie.. i am afraid of gyms. the only way i would attend a gym to work out is if i had a friend or if my best friend, m, worked there and was my personal trainer :) she pretty much rocks when it comes to the whole workout thing!

let me remind you.. i am not a workeroutter. i never have been and never will be hope to be one soon! like i said in my first [friday's letters] i wish my body would do it's exercise while i'm sleeping. but since that ain't ever gonna happen i guess i gotta start doin' somethin'.

i will also share with you what i'm currently doing.. nothing i sit on an exercise ball at work! but this has done just the opposite of what i was expecting. a friend of mine suggested that i sit on an exercise ball to not only help my posture but because it works out your core while at work! this sounds perfect right? well nothing ever works for me like that.. i couldn't possibly sit on a ball and get fit. or maybe i could and i'm sitting on it wrong? anyways.. so i have been sitting on this ball for about 2 months and i come home and tell mr. b i feel like my butt and thighs are getting bigger. he tells me i'm not and that i look good. well - i kid you not.. i came home probably 3 or 4 days later and must have had the right pants on because i stopped him dead in his tracks and he said wow! your butt is getting bigger... and i like it!

well well well... fancy for him. but not for me! if it was muscle i'm adding.. that would be one thing, but it's not.. so i put the ball aside for a couple weeks to see if it's the ball or sitting behind a desk staring at a computer all day my new job that's changing my figure, energy levels and metabolism.

so, here i am.. looking for suggestions, ideas, tips, whatever you're willing to give me!

what workouts do you do? what would you suggest for me? what do you like that really works? videos/dvds? 

on a fun note: look at my tomatoes that are starting to come in!!!! i am SO excited!!! aren't they cute?!? just some babies right now. and i saw a pepper starting to come in! :) :) 
thanks for your wonderful willingness to make this gal a healthy one! :)

- jennifer


  1. hey! do you have a 'pure barre' where you are!? i live in AZ & the latest craze around here is "fitness at the ballet barre." its a pretty intense, one hour class that combies yoga, pilates, ballet barre exercises, and the use of 1-3 lb free weights. it is a REALLY fun workout, totally carves your body (i saw definition in my arms and abs after about 5-6 classes!!), and WORKS! if you dont have a pure barre studio, maybe google fitness at the barre or something... this is my fave kind of workout and ive tried it all sister!

  2. I'm with you, I hate working out, and I thought I never had to because I've always been skinny. But then I was having severe back pain and the doctor told me that even skinny people need to exercise to stay healthy. :( On a happier note, once I started exercising, the pain was gone, immediately! Biking is my favorite way to exercise--if you can bike around where you live, that would be great! When I can't bike, I do a pilates DVD. I know that classes are probably better, but those cost money and you have to leave your house. I don't love my pilates DVD but I have a short one (20 min) so that makes it hard for me to rationalize that I'm too busy to exercise!

  3. Here is quote that your best friend M shared with me...
    "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."

    You have the ability to do almost anything. Find what motivates you, have a good attitude, and you WILL get your workout on!!

  4. I wish I was more help in this area, but I love to run, so I normally run 3-5 miles and then do weights and squats and abs, but for a while I was unable to run and I did some pilates and I loved it!! you should check in on some classes and maybe videos I think you would enjoy it!

  5. Oh.. i LOATHE working out! I got married in August and i have gained some weight since my wedding (i call it the 'wifey 15'). My husband bought me an elliptical at a garage sale 2 months ago or so and i am JUST using it now. Hehe. I have netflix and added a Pilates workout that I have been doing too.
    I am trying to go on the elliptical and then do the Pilates at least 3 times a week (i told you.. i loathe working out). We will see how it goes. I am liking the Pilates because it helps you stretch, tone, and work on flexibility and posture.

    Good Luck!


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