Saturday, June 9, 2012

father's day ideas.

so father's day is next weekend. do you have any plans? my dad will be out of town so we do father's day with mr. b's family :)

it's always so hard to know what to do for parents for gifts isn't it? well at least my dad... he already has everything - and no i'm not exaggerating about this! or if he doesn't have it.. he buys it himself before we have a chance to! i am a huge gift giver.. it's my love language. [side note: if you want to know what your love language is - take [this] assessment or read the book. it's so super helpful!] okay so back to dad's and gifts. like i said.. i love gift giving - i especially love giving heart-felt, hand-crafted gifts!

here are some simple, fun gift ideas that i have pinned on pinterest, you can find other gift ideas for other occasions [here]!

[1] // [2] // [3] // [4] // [5] // [6]

number 3 is what i did last year for father's day :) but it was more like a meat rub... i just couldn't find that same recipe.
here's to a wonderful weekend!

- jennifer

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