Monday, May 14, 2012

oreo dessert.

good evening!

boy oh boy do i have a delicious recipe for today's MENU monday! it was a HUGE hit at my mother-in-law's birthday gathering!

i mean come on.. look at this pile of sugar deliciousness!!! 

i wont make you wait any longer - here is the recipe!

oreo layered dessert
found: on my pinterest board delectables.
makes: 15-25 servings - depends on how much you want ;)
time: 20 minutes

1 package of oreos
1/2 cup of butter
1 large box of instant chocolate pudding
2- 8 oz. containers of cool whip
8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened
1 cup powered sugar

1. crush the whole package of cookies with a rollin pin in a bag or with a food processor. save 1/2 cup to top off the dessert. pour the rest of the crumbs into a 13x9 size pan.
2. melt butter and pour into crumbs. stir them together and press into the bottom of the pan to make crust.
3. make the chocolate pudding as instructed on the box and let it setup in the fridge.
4. in a mixing bowl, blend the cream cheese until soft and smooth. add in powered sugar and mix.
5. stir in the first 8 oz container of cool whip.
6. place this combination on top of the oreo crumb crust. add pudding on top of that.
7. put the last 8 oz. of cool whip on top and sprinkle the saved crushed oreos on top.
8. cover and refrigerate until ready to serve (which will probably be right away ;))

i couldn't take picture quick enough of the whole thing - people were already enjoying it and i hope you do too!!

- jennifer -

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  1. I enjoyed it... two times! Both were delicious!


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